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Revitalization Journey Commences for Victoria Park Campground

In a remarkable stride towards the betterment of outdoor recreational infrastructure in Ontario (Canada), a revitalization process for the popular Victoria Park Campground has been initiated. The project, valued at CA$215,240, was recently awarded to the Northern Lights Landscape Architect.

The campground, a long-standing bastion of outdoor recreation, sits on a sprawling 3.8-acre lot, adorned with a variety of amenities. 

Currently, it boasts 43 trailer sites equipped with hydro water and sewer, 28 more with hydro and water, and five unserviced tent sites. Thousands of enthusiasts from around the region and beyond are drawn to its verdant appeal each season, savoring the tranquil escape from urban landscapes.

However, a crucial aspect of this rejuvenation process includes the Centennial Pool property. According to Teresa Behan, manager of Recreation and Waterfront Operations, an extensive evaluation will be undertaken to discern if integrating the pool site with the campground could bring substantial benefits. 

The pool site, encompassing the building, pool, and parking lot, presents an exciting potential for comprehensive outdoor recreational offerings.

The Waterfront Plan has given a substantial impetus to this renovation venture, suggesting that while the campground should retain its location, its aesthetic, layout, and overall functionality could be significantly improved. 

Furthermore, the plan advises reducing the visual and operational impact of the campground on the rest of the waterfront, thereby enhancing the holistic appeal of the locale.

An interesting facet of the forthcoming renovation is the update of aging infrastructure, such as the washroom building, sewer lines, and power sources. 

Brian Geerts, director of Community Services, expressed his enthusiasm saying, “This is an exciting first step in replacing the infrastructure in the Victoria Park Campgrounds.” 

Geerts also emphasized the intention to optimize both the campground and the pool facility by evaluating their combined land use, foreseeing an improved operational design for both facilities.

Current amenities at the Victoria Park Campground, besides the aforementioned trailer and tent sites, include washrooms and showers, laundry facilities, and a dumping station. 

Visitors can also avail themselves of pop, ice, and firewood at the campground office. The renovation promises to enhance these existing facilities while potentially adding more to elevate the overall outdoor recreation experience.

This initiative holds considerable significance for the outdoor recreation industry in Ontario, demonstrating a proactive approach to nurturing natural resources for recreational purposes. Ontario has always been a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with its wealth of natural parks, campgrounds, and lakes.

The upgrade of the Victoria Park Campground will not only revitalize a cherished site but also signals a trend towards investing in outdoor recreational infrastructure, ensuring sustainable and quality experiences for locals and tourists alike.

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April 22, 2024 11:51 am

Did you catch wind of the buzz about Victoria Park Campground? They’re adding cool eco-friendly features like solar lighting and composting toilets. And guess what? A new hiking trail is on the way!


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