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Park Pals Advocates for Hillcrest Park Revitalization in Budget Proposal to Council

In a recent council meeting, Park Pals, a community-driven committee, presented a compelling case for budget consideration to enhance Hillcrest Park, a key outdoor recreation area, a Sault This Week report highlighted. 

The presentation, led by Lisa Girard and Frank Louvelle, outlined a comprehensive plan to transform the park into an inclusive space for all age groups, reflecting a growing trend in outdoor hospitality and recreation.

Girard, speaking on behalf of Park Pals, detailed the committee’s evolution from a small group advocating for a single piece of playground equipment to a dynamic team of over ten members, including Councillor France Bouvier. Their mission: to revitalize Hillcrest Park into a community hub that caters to diverse needs, from toddlers to seniors.

The committee’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Through various fundraising initiatives, Park Pals has raised approximately CA$8,000, a testament to the community’s support and engagement. These funds, alongside contributions from local clubs, businesses, and individuals, have kickstarted the ambitious project.

Girard emphasized the importance of the park’s inclusivity. This sentiment resonates with the broader outdoor hospitality industry’s focus on creating spaces that welcome diverse groups, ensuring accessibility and enjoyment for all.

The estimated budget for the park’s upgrade stands at around CA$135,000, a figure that may rise due to fluctuating costs. Despite this challenge, Park Pals remains committed to their vision, showcasing their dedication to enhancing outdoor recreational spaces.

Mayor Peter Politis acknowledged the positive impact of such community-led initiatives, praising the board’s enthusiasm and commitment. This recognition underscores the vital role of local governance in supporting outdoor recreation projects.

Councillor Rodney Hoogenhoud raised a pertinent question regarding the suitability of the new equipment for all age groups. Girard’s response highlighted the committee’s thorough planning, ensuring that the park’s facilities cater to various age groups, including a special focus on toddlers and a proposed ‘party palace’ for family and senior citizen gatherings.

Louvelle expanded on the committee’s broader vision, indicating plans to not only revitalize Hillcrest Park but also to explore the development of additional recreational spaces in the town. 

The Mayor’s suggestion for Park Pals to present their plans to the Recreation Board for potential funding reflects a collaborative approach to community development. It also opens avenues for leveraging additional resources to bridge any funding gaps.


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