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New “State of The Art” Septic System To Be Installed In Toronto Campground

The campground outside of Goderich will have a new septic system that includes direct sewage drainage to 56 campsites, a report said.

According to the report, this eliminates the need for you to dump before going. There will also be an improved, centrally located dumping station for the remaining trailer sites.

Maitland Conservation (MC), which included decommissioning three sewage effluent system systems, was awarded the Falls Reserve Conservation Area FRCA (FRCA) Onsite Sewage System Project contract to Sid Bruinsma Excavating Ltd. at the July 28th members meeting.

The report was presented by Jason Moir, Park Superintendent, to the members. It also included conceptual design diagrams.

After reviewing the FRCA operations in 2016, staff was asked to identify ways to lower operating costs to allow the campground to continue to be operated based only on park revenue. They also needed to increase their reserve accounts in order to complete the projects identified in the Environmental Impact Study (EIS).

The EIS report stated that “The EIS report identified FRCA’s need to decommission FRCA’s two existing septic systems and construct a new septic effluent management facility. This will be based on an engineered design and approved under the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Park’s approval (MECP).”

At the end of 2020, the accumulated surplus was $435 560, the report said.

According to the Toronto Star report, FRCA projects an additional surplus of at least $200,000 by 2021 based on the 2021 camping season, and revenue collected so far.

Staff anticipates a higher year-end surplus, and they are optimistic that this will allow for full completion of the project, without depleting the Falls Reserve’s accumulated surplus.

On June 14, a request for proposals was posted on bidsandtenders.ca. The FRCA then held an on-site meeting on July 23 with eight contractors interested.

Three addenda were added after the meeting to clarify questions raised by contractors.

These addendums covered the provision of a laborer to do any extra work if required by Engineers, as well as the provision of an electrician, pipefitter, or tradesperson for any additional works if required by Engineers. Unit cost per meter to supply an additional 50 millimeters of PE force main. This includes trenching and excavating. Bedding, backfill, restoration, tracer wire. Per meter cost, per linear meter, to supply and install an additional 100-millimeter length of PVC gravity sewer. This includes trenching, excavating, bedding, and backfill as well as restoration and tracer wire. A per meter rate and unit cost per lineal meter are charged to install a 150-millimeter length of PVC gravity sewer. This includes trenching and excavation, bedding, backfill, restoration, tracer wire, and other necessary work. At a per-meter rate.

The contract was approved by the members for $507,911 plus tax. They also included two provisional items: $18,161 plus HST site restoration, and $99,674 plus tax hook-up of sewage at 56 campsites. The total cost of the project is $625 746, the report said.


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