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Iroquois Local Seeks to Take Over Iroquois Campground

After donating a portion of the construction costs for the new airport/campground facility at the Iroquois Campground (Canada), resident John Ross is now looking at forming an association to manage and take over the campground.

According to a report, Ross, the Iroquois Waterfront Committee (IWC) chair, updated the committee at its February 8 meeting to say that he’s seeking to create a non-profit organization to achieve self-governance for seasonal campground users.

Ross added that he was hopeful he could form the non-profit and attempt to negotiate to take over the campground operation for the 2022 season.

Ross declared that he doesn’t intend to run the organization; however, he will cover the legal fees associated with incorporation and be on the board in a certain capacity during an initial couple of years. Ross stated that he plans to seek an arrangement to lease the campground similar to the agreement currently in place for the Iroquois Golf Course.

In updating the IWC, he stated that he’s doing this as a private person but would like the committee’s support for his actions.

The IWC backed Ross’ efforts to investigate forming a non-profit corporation.

The committee is working on the capital plan for 2022 that includes the installation of two new concrete pads and two benches, putting up three new historical plaques along the walking path, and establishing a meadow of wildflowers in the park. IWC is also looking into the possibility of establishing a disc golf course on the waterfront.

In a letter addressed to the committee, South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds advised the committee to collaborate with staff members to adhere to the municipal procurement regulations to help advance their projects in the summer and complete their projects in mind.

As the committee is a council committee and because it is a municipal election year, the next council will decide what structure to be followed for committees.


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