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Canadian Gov’t Invests Over CA$8M in Protecting Critical Natural Spaces

The Government of Canada is stepping up to protect the country’s natural heritage by launching the largest nature conservation campaign in Canada’s history. 

With a goal of conserving 30% of Canada’s lands and waters by 2030, the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, announced over CA$8 million to safeguard and enhance three crucial natural spaces in Ontario.

The Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System, stretching from the western edge of Lake Ontario to the Niagara Escarpment, will receive more than CA$3.5 million in funding. This pilot project under the Parks Canada National Program for Ecological Corridors will support the Royal Botanical Gardens of Burlington and Hamilton and their partners to protect 2,200 hectares of land and connect wildlife in an urbanized landscape.

Additionally, over CA$1.05 million will be allocated to connect The Meadoway to Rouge National Urban Park with new and improved multi-use trails. The Meadoway, led by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, is turning a hydro corridor into a 16-kilometer stretch of urban greenspace, providing Canadians with a safe and natural route from downtown Toronto to Rouge National Urban Park.

Nature Conservancy Canada will receive CA$3.5 million to preserve more habitat in Ontario’s biodiversity hotspots, including the Rice Lake Plains, the north shore of Lake Ontario, and the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, one of Canada’s most crucial forest corridors linking the northern forests of Algonquin Park to the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.

Furthermore, the minister announced CA$50,000 for the Algonquin to Adirondacks Collaborative to support a road ecology study to determine wildlife protective measures around Ontario’s busy roadways.

The Government of Canada is committed to working with provinces, territories, municipalities, conservation groups, and Indigenous communities to expand the network of protected areas and provide Canadians with the benefits of these protected greenspaces. By investing in nature conservation, Canada is taking a critical step towards preserving its natural heritage, combating climate change, and ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for future generations.

Protecting nature is essential to ensuring that future generations can enjoy the great outdoors, participate in outdoor recreation activities, and go camping. 

Protecting nature is not only crucial for preserving the health of the planet, but it is also essential for ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the great outdoors, participate in outdoor recreation activities, and go camping. By reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability, this initiative can ensure that the natural world remains intact and vibrant for future generations to enjoy.


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