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News for March 27, 2023

Backpacking Event for Beginners in Frontenac Provincial Park


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Frontenac Provincial Park located near the town of Sydenham, North of Kingston, Ontario, Canada is set to host a backpacking event for beginners on May 6 and 7. 

The event is not a guided trip, but a hosted event, where participants will be responsible for carrying and managing their own gear, setting up camp, and participating in camp chores.

Participants are required to attend an introductory session on April 29th, where they will collect their gear and finalize plans as a group. The organizers will provide all the necessary gear and meals, and all meals will be halal with a dairy-free option. 

However, the organizers clarified that they cannot accommodate other food intolerances or allergies at this time.

The group will leave from Ottawa via carpool at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 6, and drive to County Road 10 just outside of Frontenac Provincial Park. 

Participants will hike 3.7 kilometers to their campsite navigating over rocky, muddy, uneven terrain with some elevation gain. Once at the campsite, participants will set up camp together, and work as a team to make sure camp runs smoothly.

This event is a fundraiser for the Camp Kit Program, where all fees will go back into the program to provide more free camping gear to the Ottawa/Montreal areas. 

The program offers a unique opportunity for beginners to experience the beauty of the Frontenac Provincial Park, while also contributing to a good cause.

A full itinerary will be sent to participants following registration, and the organizers plan to return to Ottawa around 4 pm on Sunday, May 7. Interested participants are encouraged to register early, as there are no refunds for this event.

The backpacking event for beginners in Frontenac Provincial Park provides a valuable opportunity for both outdoor recreation and hospitality industries.

For outdoor recreation, this event helps to promote the park as a great destination for beginners who want to experience backpacking. It provides an opportunity for people to learn the necessary skills for backpacking, including setting up a campsite, managing gear, and navigating difficult terrain. 

This event can encourage people who are new to backpacking to explore the outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Frontenac Provincial Park has to offer.

For the campgrounds near Frontenac Provincial Park, the backpacking event for beginners could be an exciting opportunity to attract more visitors to the area. 

Campgrounds in the area could take advantage of the event by promoting themselves as a nearby accommodation option for those who wish to extend their stay in the area beyond the backpacking event.

Additionally, campgrounds could also consider offering camping gear rentals or other services that may be of interest to beginner backpackers who are looking to continue exploring the outdoors.

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