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News for September 28, 2022

Kejimkujik National Park New Solar Installation to Save CA$30K in Power Costs


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Announced by Parks Canada in 2021, an impressive solar array installation in Kejimkujik National Park (Nova Scotia, Canada) has now been completed.

According to a report, it is anticipated that the solar panel will be able to produce enough power to meet the electrical needs of campground visitors.

Jennifer Eaton, a volunteer coordinator from Kejimkujik National Park, explained that the installation comprises 272 solar panels connected to the Nova Scotia Power grid.

The four solar panels will provide electricity to the grid and offset the power campground visitors use for the park.

The large solar array makes Kejimkujik the first national park in Canada to establish a net zero campground which significantly helps in reducing greenhouse emissions.

According to Eaton, the solar array already produced more power than expected. It’s producing about 550-kilowatt hours a day. Eaton added that the solar array’s output in one day could supply a refrigerator for 18 months.

The federal government funded the solar array with a CA$600,000 investment and is expected to save the park CA$30,000 annually in electricity costs. According to Eaton, the project will have paid for itself in 20 years.

The project significantly reduces the park’s greenhouse gas emissions by 17%, equivalent to 96 tonnes of greenhouse gases. Eaton noted that the amount of greenhouse gases removed from the system is comparable to taking 30 cars off the road for a year.

The hope is that other National Parks will also follow and establish systems to offset the carbon footprints in Canada’s protected areas.

As per its website, Kejimkujik features a variety of camping experiences, from front-country campsites for tents, trailers, and RVs to backcountry sites accessible by hiking, biking, or paddling.

Campers can stay at an oTENTik, Ôasis, rustic cabin, or yurt for a more private and cozy camping experience.

This story originally appeared on PV Buzz.

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