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Triple E RV Marks 60 Years of Excellence with Exclusive 60th Anniversary Edition

Triple E RV is celebrating a significant milestone – its 60th anniversary. To commemorate this remarkable journey, the company has unveiled a special 60th Anniversary Edition package. 

This exclusive edition, introduced at the Florida RV SuperShow, is a testament to Triple E RV’s enduring legacy and commitment to excellence. It represents not just a celebration of the past but a forward-looking vision, setting new standards in RV design and luxury.

The 60th Anniversary Edition is available exclusively for the 2025 Leisure Travel Vans model year, adding an air of exclusivity and anticipation among RV enthusiasts. The launch of this special edition at the Florida RV SuperShow was met with great enthusiasm, reflecting the respect and admiration that Triple E RV has garnered over the years. 

This edition is more than just a new product; it’s a symbol of the company’s journey, growth, and the trust it has built with its customers.

The exterior of the 60th Anniversary Edition is a blend of modern design and classic elegance. The RV is adorned in a new Diamond White color, a choice that exudes sophistication and class, according to a news release by Leisure Travel Vans.

This color choice is not just about aesthetics; it’s a nod to the diamond anniversary, symbolizing durability and beauty. Complementing this are subtle 60th Anniversary badging and design elements that make this edition stand out. 

These features are a celebration of Triple E RV’s design evolution, showcasing how the company has continuously pushed the boundaries of RV aesthetics.

Inside, the 60th Anniversary Edition is a marvel of modern RV interior design. The cabin features diamond-quilted captain’s chairs, each adorned with special headrest badging, offering both comfort and a touch of luxury. 

The interior is further enhanced with a White Oak finish, Mineral White Corian countertops, and Cool Ice Ultrafabrics, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The Frosted Grey upper cabinetry and matte black hardware complete the contemporary look, making the interior not just a living space but a statement of style and sophistication.

The Anniversary Edition is more than a commemorative model; it’s a tribute to the founders’ vision and a promise for the future. Available on all Unity and Wonder models, this special edition package represents a perfect blend of the past and the future. 

It honors the company’s rich history while embracing new design trends and customer preferences. This edition is a statement of Triple E RV’s ongoing commitment to innovation and its readiness to adapt and evolve in a dynamic industry.

A limited quantity of the 60th Anniversary Editions will be available for the 2025 model year, making it a coveted item for RV enthusiasts. The exclusivity of this edition adds to its appeal, offering customers a unique opportunity to own a piece of Triple E RV’s history. 

Production is set to start in summer 2024, building anticipation among customers and dealers alike. For those with existing orders, the company has provided options to confirm eligibility for adding the Anniversary Edition package, demonstrating Triple E RV’s customer-centric approach.

The pricing details for the 2025 model year, including the 60th Anniversary Edition package, are yet to be announced. This strategic decision builds curiosity and interest, keeping potential buyers engaged and excited. 

The anticipation surrounding the pricing and availability details reflects the high regard in which Triple E RV’s products are held in the market.

For more information about Triple E RV and the 60th Anniversary Edition, visit Triple E RV’s official website and Leisure Travel Vans. These platforms offer detailed insights into the company’s history, its range of products, and the unique features of the 60th Anniversary Edition.

Featured image from Leisure Travel Vans.

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February 18, 2024 10:48 am

Have you heard about Triple E RV’s 60th Anniversary Edition? It’s causing a ruckus! Limited quantity—like finding a unicorn for RV enthusiasts!


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