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Manitoba Unveils New Provincial Park

In a remarkable commitment to preserving biodiversity, the Manitoba government is taking a significant step to safeguard one of the province’s unique ecosystems. 

Pemmican Island, nestled in the heart of Lake Winnipegosis, has been officially designated as a provincial park.

Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt made the announcement, noting that this move signals a substantial effort by the government to preserve Manitoba’s natural heritage.

Pemmican Island, located about 175 kilometers north of Dauphin in Lake Winnipegosis’s northern basin, spans 27 hectares.

Characterized by its diverse landscape of limestone outcrops, cliffs, and an intriguing mix of gravel and sand, it boasts a varied flora, including mature stands of American elm, Manitoba maple, and trembling aspen. Not just a geological marvel, the island is also a habitat haven for a host of bird species, some of which are protected under wildlife conservation laws.

The decision to designate Pemmican Island as a provincial park was a result of a successful 45-day public consultation, with an overwhelming 96% of the 426 participants favoring the move. This new status means the island will be protected from developmental activities that could disrupt the habitat, thereby ensuring it remains a haven for its diverse flora and fauna.

The impact of this decision goes beyond conservation. For the outdoor recreation industry and nearby private campground owners or operators, this announcement brings new opportunities. While preserving the natural beauty of the province, it also creates a potential for increased tourism and outdoor recreational activities. The allure of an undeveloped, protected site could attract nature enthusiasts from all over the world, increasing visitor traffic to the area and stimulating local economies.

Manitoba’s outdoor recreation industry can leverage this protected status to develop low-impact, eco-friendly activities that are in harmony with the region’s natural attributes. 

Private campground owners can offer their guests an authentic wilderness experience, with easy access to the park for wildlife viewing or nature walks, all while promoting conservation ethics.

This declaration is a continuation of Manitoba’s conservation commitment that started in 1990. The province was the first in Canada to dedicate itself to protecting all of its diverse landscapes. Since then, Manitoba’s network of safeguarded regions has swelled from 350,000 hectares to an impressive 7.2 million hectares. This represents roughly 11.1% of the province, a testament to the government’s steadfast dedication to ecological preservation.

Protected areas like Pemmican Island are not just environmental havens; they are cost-effective strategies to maintain wildlife populations, uphold natural cycles, and conserve untouched regions. They are lifelines to our biodiversity, invaluable for scientific research, climate change mitigation and most importantly, they contribute to the livelihood of communities that thrive on the responsible exploration of these pristine wildernesses.

This landmark decision to designate Pemmican Island as a provincial park paints a promising picture for the future of Manitoba’s outdoor recreation industry. It is a testament to the profound balance between conservation and recreation, showing how both can thrive together, offering a vibrant, sustainable future for Manitoba’s natural heritage and its people.

 Pemmican Island is Manitoba’s 93rd provincial park. 

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February 15, 2024 5:36 am

Manitoba’s captivating provincial park for Pemmican Island will be a sanctuary for birds and a platform for education and eco-friendly tourism. It will set a standard for responsible nature-based tourism, contributing to the global effort of preserving natural habitats.


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