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Voyager RV Centre Nears CA$100K Charitable Milestone

In the heart of Lake Country (British Columbia, Canada), Voyager RV Centre stands as a testament not just to the recreational vehicle dealer industry but also to the spirit of giving.

This year, the dealership is on the cusp of a significant milestone. Through its Voyager Cares program, it has already donated an impressive sum of over CA$88,000 to various local charities. With an initial target of raising CA$100,000 by the end of the year, it appears the company is set to surpass this goal, reflecting its unwavering commitment to the community.

The Voyager Cares program is a beacon of hope for many local charities. By the end of April, the dealership had generously contributed CA$30,000. Their subsequent donations have been both diverse and impactful, supporting organizations like the Kelowna Hospice House, Mamas for Mamas, the BC Heart & Stroke Foundation, and the BC Cancer Foundation. These contributions are a testament to the company’s dedication to making a difference.

Jason Friesen, Voyager RV’s vice-president, encapsulates the company’s ethos, stating, “While our core business revolves around sales and servicing of RVs, we believe in extending our impact beyond that.” 

He further emphasizes the role of businesses in community development, suggesting that they bear a responsibility to their community. This sentiment is not just top-down; every employee at Voyager RV is involved in the charitable process. They vote for the charities closest to their hearts, ensuring a democratic and heartfelt approach to giving.

The unique aspect of the Voyager Cares program is its structure. The top eight charities, as voted by the employees, are selected to receive donations throughout the year. 

Each charity is assigned a specific month, with funds raised from a percentage of sales during that period. This initiative not only boosts employee morale but also ensures a steady stream of support for various causes. September’s beneficiary is the Paws It Forward Dog Rescue, with October dedicated to the Critteraid Animal Sanctuary.

Located north of Kelowna in Winfield, BC, Voyager RV Centre is more than just a dealership. It’s a hub for RV enthusiasts and a pillar of community support. Their vast inventory of modern RVs, coupled with their comprehensive services, makes them a go-to destination for many. Their recognition as the only BC dealer named to North America’s Top 50 for five consecutive years speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence.

Featured image from Voyager RV Centre.

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Nolan Creek
Nolan Creek
February 25, 2024 12:48 pm

Voyager RV Centre’s philanthropic drive is igniting community spirit with their innovative charity program. Team engagement in selecting charities adds a delightful twist. What’s your take on their impactful approach?

April 24, 2024 9:12 pm

Have you heard about Voyager RV Centre’s awesome Voyager Cares program? It’s not just about giving money to charities. they also encourage employees to volunteer, making a real impact in the community. It’s cool to see a company going the extra mile to help out!

May 6, 2024 4:01 am

Ever thought about how Voyager RV Centre’s charity work isn’t just about the dollars, but about building a real sense of community? Their dedication to giving back and involving employees is a great example of how businesses can make a genuine impact. They’re really setting the bar high, don’t you think?


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