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TNRD Director Proposes Restrictions to Preserve Campsites from Overdevelopment

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) in British Columbia, Canada is currently without regulations that limit the size of cabins on rural properties, but that might soon change if Barriere mayor Ward Stamer has his way. 

Stamer is proposing a motion to the regional district to preserve public access to lakes across the region, expressing concerns about the diminishing opportunities for locals to enjoy these natural resources, a report highlighted.

“What I’m seeing is we’re losing access for the people that work, play and raise a family in our province. There’s less and less opportunity for people to actually get out and enjoy themselves,” he said.

According to Stamer, the current bylaws allow developers to purchase campgrounds and propose plans for multiple rental cabins. 

However, there’s nothing in place to prevent these developers from changing their plans and constructing homes instead. 

“We are increasingly seeing large cabins resembling residential homes being built in lakeshore resorts throughout the regional district,” Stamer said. Such developments, he believes, may not align with the intended rural recreational setting of these areas.

Stamer’s motion seeks to address this by potentially limiting the size of cabins in new constructions. 

The goal is to prevent campgrounds and smaller rental cabins from being replaced by larger homes. He highlighted the situation at Mara Lake as an example, where campsite access has been limited due to new constructions. “And now that’s all gone because it’s all condos,” Stamer remarked.

If the motion is approved, the regional district staff will be tasked with investigating possible restrictions on cabin sizes. They will also compare the TNRD’s regulations with those of other regional districts to find a balanced approach.

Featured image from Thompson Nicola Regional District.

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Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell
February 23, 2024 12:06 am

It’s imperative to look beyond Mayor Stamer’s efforts and weigh the impact of unregulated development on the region’s ecosystems. Implementing cabin size limitations can foster a harmonious balance between human activity and the environment, safeguarding nature’s magnificence for generations to come.


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