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qathet Regional District Advocates for Urgent Repairs on Inland Lake Provincial Park Trail

The qathet Regional District’s (qRD) board of directors is considering a proactive step towards the restoration of the Inland Lake Provincial Park trail (British Columbia, Canada). 

As per a report, the board plans to draft a letter to the provincial government, highlighting the urgent need for repairs on this popular outdoor recreation asset.

During the December 20 committee of the whole meeting, directors reviewed a correspondence from George Heyman, the provincial minister of environment and climate change strategy. 

The letter, dated November 30, addressed the deteriorating state of the trail, particularly focusing on a damaged bridge. Heyman informed that the bridge’s repair is being managed through the federal disaster financial assistance arrangement program. However, he noted that administrative processes related to the federal program have delayed the project’s timeline. A more comprehensive response from the minister is expected within two to three weeks.

Electoral Area B director Mark Gisborne expressed significant frustration at the meeting. He referred to previous discussions among regional directors about the trail’s disrepair. 

Gisborne criticized the provincial government for its reliance on federal funding, which he believes is causing further delays. He suggested that the province should take full responsibility for the trail, which is a provincial asset. Gisborne’s proposal to send another letter to the province was driven by his belief that the community deserves better maintenance of the trail.

Gisborne also emphasized the trail’s potential to be a world-renowned, world-class, and wheelchair-accessible outdoor destination. He shared concerns from the community about the trail’s current condition, which hinders its use for activities like family walks.

Electoral Area E director Andrew Fall, while empathetic to Gisborne’s frustration, raised concerns about the effectiveness of sending another letter. Fall pointed out that the minister’s correspondence did not suggest inaction but an ongoing effort to secure necessary funding.

City of Powell River director George Doubt proposed that if a letter is to be sent, it should express the board’s disappointment over the lack of a definitive plan for the trail’s restoration. Doubt highlighted the importance of Inland Lake as a key accessibility feature in the regional parks system, aligning with efforts to enhance accessibility across regional parks.

Electoral Area C director and board chair Clay Brander shared the sentiment of disappointment regarding the trail’s condition. However, Brander considered it premature to send another letter and suggested waiting for the minister’s detailed response. Despite this, Brander’s motion to postpone the correspondence was not passed.

The unanimous decision to recommend the regional board consider sending a letter to Minister Heyman underscores the board’s commitment to addressing the trail’s disrepair. This move is not just about restoring a trail; it’s about preserving a vital component of the outdoor recreation industry in the region.

The Inland Lake Provincial Park trail is offering residents and visitors alike a chance to engage with the outdoors. Its maintenance is crucial for the safety and enjoyment of all who use it. The trail’s condition also reflects on the broader state of outdoor recreational facilities, which are essential for promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting tourism.

The qathet Regional District’s action serves as a reminder of the importance of regular maintenance and timely repairs in outdoor recreational spaces. It highlights the need for collaboration between different levels of government to ensure these natural assets are preserved for future generations.

As the situation develops, the outdoor recreation community and local residents await the provincial government’s response. The restoration of the Inland Lake Provincial Park trail is not just a local concern but a matter of regional significance, impacting the quality and accessibility of outdoor recreational opportunities in the area.

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Amy Foster
Amy Foster
February 23, 2024 12:41 am

It’s commendable to see the qathet Regional District’s comprehensive plan for restoring the Inland Lake Provincial Park trail. It shows a commitment to enhancing safety and accessibility while involving the community in the process.


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