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New Campground Opens at Loon Lake

Mosaic Forest Management’s new Loon Lake Campground (British Columbia, Canada) opened in time for the May long weekend.

According to a report, the campground is located near the top of Alberni Summit, a popular outdoor recreation area.

The 14th of Mosaic’s network of non-profit campsites on Vancouver Island, it offers stunning panoramas of Mount Arrowsmith on a stocked fishing lake located just ten minutes east of Port Alberni.

“Campgrounds provide wonderful recreation opportunities, and I’m proud of the partnership with the Hupačasath First Nation for helping us realize this vision,” said Jeff Zweig, president, and CEO of Mosaic.

“We know there is great demand for safe access to the backcountry on Vancouver Island, especially during the summer months. This investment is an important part of Mosaic’s focus on working with communities to expand recreation opportunities in and around our working forest.”

Named by the Hupačasath First Nation, the new campground called “ʕaʔuk ʔaama k̓anis” (ah-uk aah-ma ka-niss) translates to ‘lake loon camp and rest area’ according to the Hupačasath First Nation language.

The campground is an example of the success of the formal collaboration Mosaic, and the Hupačasath First Nation share to work jointly on business, cultural and sustainability initiatives within Hupačasath Territory.

“As more people visit Hupačasath ha’houlthee (traditional territory), we are excited to partner with Mosaic on this new campground to provide more places to camp,” said Elected Chief Councillor Brandy Lauder.

“ʕaʔuk ʔaama k̓anis/Loon Lake enhancements will better meet the needs of people wanting to access and connect with nature.”

About Mosaic Forest Management Corp.  
Mosaic Forest Management Corporation is in the business of sustainable forest stewardship, managing private timberlands and public forest tenures in Coastal British Columbia for more than a century. Mosaic employs several thousand people directly and indirectly, and is strongly committed to achieving positive economic, social and sustainability outcomes from the working forest. For more information, visit MosaicForests.com

About Hupačasath First Nation
The Hupacasath First Nation is located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Hupačasath territorial rights are held by a ranked group of ha-wił (high ranking chiefs), and a single encompassing primary Hupačasath hahouthlee (territory) that covers the entire Alberni Valley. For thousands of years their people have occupied and been stewards of these lands. For more information, visit hupacasath.ca.

For more information, visit https://www.mosaicforests.com/

This story originally appeared on Alberni Valley News. Featured image from Mosaic Forest Management.

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February 17, 2024 2:53 am

The fresh campground at Loon Lake sounds intriguing, offering breathtaking views of Mount Arrowsmith and a stocked fishing lake just ten minutes from Port Alberni. Have you heard about the distinctive cultural experiences offered at the ʕaʔuk ʔaama k̓anis campground? It seems like a marvelous opportunity to immerse oneself in the Hupačasath culture and connect with nature.

Ryan Powell
Ryan Powell
February 25, 2024 7:25 pm

Exploring the ʕaʔuk ʔaama k̓anis campground at Loon Lake offers a delightful mix of outdoor activities 🌲 and cultural experiences 🌄. It’s a haven for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike!


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