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Metro Vancouver’s Proposal for Cape Roger Curtis Park to Introduce Overnight Camping Opportunities

The Metro Vancouver area is starting a public engagement process for a proposed new regional park that will be located on Bowen Island.

Metro has an agreement to purchase nearly a square kilometer of forested and waterfront land at Cape Roger Curtis on the southwest tip of Bowen Island for CA$40 million.

According to a report by The Province, the proposed park has caused some concern among Bowen Island residents, who are worried about the potential impacts such a park and campsite could have on the island, including increased ferry and road traffic.

However, the park’s potential to protect the area’s dry coastal bluff ecosystem and provide outdoor recreation opportunities has been met with support from Metro Vancouver board of directors chair George Harvie.

The first phase of public engagement began on February 10 and continued until March 20. During this time, the public can provide feedback on the proposal through various channels, including an online feedback form, open houses, webinars, or email.

The park’s preliminary ideas include protecting the area’s ecosystem, creating hiking trails, viewpoints, picnic areas, overnight camping opportunities, and access to water. The second phase of public engagement, including a draft design, will take place in the spring and summer, while the final phase and plan approvals are scheduled for the fall.

The proposed park may have an impact on private campground owners and operators in Canada, as it could potentially draw campers away from their businesses. However, it is important to note that the park is still in the proposal stage and may not even come to fruition. Additionally, private campground owners and operators can offer different experiences and amenities that may attract campers who are looking for a more developed camping experience.

This proposed regional park has the potential to become a major destination for outdoor enthusiasts and campers, offering a unique and breathtaking experience in a protected and preserved natural environment.


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