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Maple Ridge’s Golden Ears Park Opens May Long Weekend Camping Reservations

Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge, British Columbia (Canada), has begun accepting camping reservations for the upcoming May long weekend. 

A report from the Maple Ridge News highlighted that this early booking option, available since Wednesday, January 17, is part of the park’s strategy to allow campers to plan their trips four months in advance, a move that aligns with the growing trend in the outdoor recreation industry towards more organized and early planning.

The introduction of the “Notify Me” feature in the BC Parks reservation system, first implemented in the previous year, marks a significant step in enhancing the camping experience. 

This feature alerts campers when a previously booked campsite becomes available, allowing them to create up to five different notifications for any dates at reservable campgrounds. The system sends an email notification when a matching campsite is available, facilitating more efficient planning and utilization of park resources.

In 2023, Golden Ears Provincial Park recorded over 366,000 camping reservations, a 15% increase from 2022. 

This surge in bookings reflects a growing interest in outdoor activities and highlights the park’s role in supporting the outdoor recreation industry in British Columbia. The increase in reservations also underscores the success of the park’s digital service enhancements, which were relaunched in March 2022.

Golden Ears, known for its extensive recreational offerings, features three large campgrounds and a network of trails for hiking and horseback riding. 

Alouette Lake is a popular destination within the park, offering activities such as swimming, windsurfing, water-skiing, canoeing, boating, and fishing. 

These diverse activities not only cater to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts but also contribute significantly to the local outdoor recreation industry by attracting visitors from various demographics.

The park’s landscape, characterized by the coastal western hemlock forest, and its rugged, mountainous backcountry, provide unique natural experiences that are quintessential to British Columbia. This natural setting not only enhances the camping experience but also plays a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness and conservation, key aspects of sustainable outdoor recreation.

The park’s digital service redesign, part of a broader initiative by BC Parks, aims to improve the overall park experience. This modernization reflects the industry’s shift towards leveraging technology to enhance accessibility and efficiency in outdoor recreation planning.

For more information on reservations and park facilities, visit the BC Parks website at camping.bcparks.ca. 

Golden Ears Provincial Park’s early reservation opening for the May long weekend is a significant development for the outdoor recreation industry in British Columbia. 

It not only facilitates better planning for campers but also supports the industry’s growth by promoting organized and sustainable outdoor activities. The park’s diverse offerings and natural beauty, combined with its enhanced digital services, position it as a leading destination for outdoor enthusiasts and a vital contributor to the region’s outdoor recreation sector.

Featured image from Golden Ears Provincial Park.


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