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Experience Luxury Glamping with Little Escape Outdoors in Metro Vancouver

The Canadian outdoor experience is evolving with the Richmond-based venture, Little Escape Outdoors.

Combining the rustic charm of camping with modern amenities, the company has captured the Chinese Canadian community in Metro Vancouver since its inception in 2021.

Allen Wu and Annie Dong, the founders of Little Escape Outdoors, have crafted an all-inclusive camping package that combines the concept of simplicity in nature with the conveniences of the 21st century. 

The aim is to cater to the growing number of individuals who harbour a fascination for the outdoors but lack the necessary equipment or experience, or have reservations about trading in their comfort for the wild outdoors.

The burgeoning trend of glamping has prompted an interesting shift in Canada’s camping tradition, particularly among younger urban dwellers. 

Traditionally, camping has been about embracing the wilderness in its raw form. However, the glamping trend — a portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ — has revolutionized the way Canadians experience the outdoors.

At a premium cost of CA$288 per person per night, campers can indulge in a rich variety of services. 

Little Escape Outdoors sets up a fully-furnished yurt, complete with a bed and clean bedding, well-maintained washrooms equipped with hot showers, three professionally cooked meals, and amenities such as mosquito repellents, phone chargers, game facilities, and even farm animals to interact with. 

Moreover, the company offers engaging social activities and professional photography services to ensure that fun moments are captured.

As part of the company’s extended offerings, they have introduced an add-on photography package. 

This includes a variety of costumes and settings for campers to pick from and enrich their photographic memories at an extra cost. 

For those who prefer not to stay overnight, Little Escape Outdoors offers day events at a lavender farm in Richmond, keeping the options versatile and flexible for all types of campers.

This shift towards glamping serves as a potent business model for other Canadian camping entrepreneurs. 

By providing a unique balance of comfort and outdoor experience, it extends the market reach to those who are looking to take their outdoor experience to the next level. The strong emphasis on personalization and luxury not only broadens the customer base but also enhances the overall appeal of the camping industry.

In response to critics who argue that glamping might deviate from the authenticity of camping, Wu pointed out that provincial and federal parks still provide traditional camping options. He explained, “Almost all my best memories are from the nights when I camped with my friends. Through our services, people can leave the city without sacrificing comfort, looking for their real selves in the wilderness.”

As the camping landscape continues to evolve, companies like Little Escape Outdoors are successfully leading the charge in redefining what it means to experience the Canadian wilderness.

By offering a unique blend of luxury and nature, they present an attractive alternative to traditional camping and extend an invitation to a new demographic to experience the wonders of the great outdoors.

For more information, visit Little Escape Outdoors.

Featured image from Little Escape Outdoors

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May 12, 2024 8:50 am

Step into the tranquility of Metro Vancouver’s natural beauty with Little Escape Outdoors. They’ve nailed every detail to make your camping trip unforgettable. It’s a perfect blend of luxury and nature!


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