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Columbia Shuswap Regional District Greenlights Seasonal Resort Amendments

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) has approved crucial amendments for the establishment of a seasonal resort on the former KOA property near Yard Creek. This decision, reached during the CSRD board meeting on Feb. 15, marks a pivotal step in the realization of the Sicamous RV and Cabin Resort, a project poised to enhance the local tourism and recreation landscape.

According to a report from the Salmon Arm Observer, the proposed development, located at 3250 Oxbow Frontage Road, encompasses plans for 76 seasonal RV and 34 seasonal dwelling strata lots. This initiative, which has undergone over a year of planning and revisions, reflects a growing trend in the outdoor hospitality sector towards creating versatile accommodation options that cater to the seasonal influx of tourists and recreation enthusiasts.

Among the amendments approved by the CSRD are changes that significantly modify the resort’s operational framework. Notably, the term for seasonal dwelling has been extended to allow stays of less than 120 consecutive days at any time of the year, diverging from the previous limit of less than 182 days. This adjustment aligns with the evolving needs of travelers seeking flexible lodging solutions.

Further modifications include an increase in the minimum lot size for both seasonal RV and dwelling lots, with RV lots expanding from 234 to 260 square meters and dwelling lots from 225 to 270 square meters. These changes not only enhance the quality of accommodations but also reflect a commitment to sustainable development practices by ensuring ample space for natural landscapes within the resort.

The amendments also introduce an increase in the maximum parcel coverage area from 50 to 60 percent, allowing for more efficient use of land resources. Additionally, the adjustment of dwelling height limits from six to nine meters and the alteration of lot dimensions are indicative of the CSRD’s flexibility in accommodating innovative design and construction methods in resort development.

Planner Jan Thingsted, in his report to the council, emphasized that despite the extensive list of changes, the project’s core objective remains focused on providing seasonal accommodation in cabins and recreational units. This initiative is not intended for year-round residential use, thereby preserving the seasonal nature of the resort.

The proposal underwent a comprehensive referral process to solicit feedback from various agencies, including area First Nations and the Archaeology Branch. Concerns were raised regarding the potential for undiscovered archaeological sites on the property, leading to recommendations for a preliminary archaeological assessment before any construction activities commence.

The proactive approach taken by the Sicamous RV and Cabin Resort in addressing these concerns, including the commitment to conduct an archaeological assessment, demonstrates a responsible and respectful approach to development within sensitive areas. This practice sets a precedent for future projects in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry.

The unanimous approval of the second reading by the CSRD board, with minimal discussion and expressed support from Area E director Rhona Martin, signifies a collective acknowledgment of the project’s potential benefits. The development of the Sicamous RV and Cabin Resort is anticipated to bolster the local economy by attracting tourists and providing a model for sustainable and respectful land use.

For campground and outdoor hospitality operators, the CSRD’s decision serves as an encouraging example of how regulatory flexibility and innovative planning can lead to the successful development of seasonal resorts. This project underscores the importance of adapting to the changing dynamics of tourism and recreation, offering valuable insights for industry stakeholders aiming to capitalize on the growing demand for outdoor experiences.

Featured image by Sicamous RV & Cabin Resort via facebook.com/sicamousrvresort

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