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News for October 3, 2023

Campnab Celebrates Milestone of Sending 3.5 Million Campsite Availability Alerts

Campnab, a campsite availability tracker that monitors sold-out parks in the U.S. and Canada for cancellations announced that it has reached a milestone of sending 3.5 million cancellation alerts for sold-out campgrounds.

Developed by Eric Shelkie and Eric Karjaluoto, Campnab was initially conceived as a simple solution to a problem faced by many: the frustration of coveted camping grounds being sold out. Born out of necessity as a basement side project, this unique platform has since burgeoned into an essential tool that monitors availability for over 350,000 campsites across almost 15,000 campgrounds located in over 3,000 parks.

In a world increasingly dominated by complex tech, Campnab’s focus on solving a single, universal problem has made it a beloved resource within the camping community.

The app’s rapid ascension to prominence within the outdoor community is a testament to its effectiveness and user-friendliness. 

Shared initially on a local subreddit, Campnab swiftly garnered attention and secured its first customer within a matter of hours. Thanks to enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations, the app’s user base has grown exponentially, doubling each year since its launch. To date, more than 30,000 campers have used the product to discover newly available camping spots.

Consumers’ high regard for the platform is reflected in its 5.0-star rating on both Facebook and Google. In a world where customer reviews can make or break a product, these stellar ratings underline the high esteem in which Campnab is held.

Despite the rapidly growing demand, Campnab has retained its intimate, user-focused ethos. Managed solely by its two co-founders, the company strives to maintain a personal touch in its operations.

As co-founder Eric Shelkie reflects, “I never thought our side project would get this big. It’s nice to know that our app has helped so many campers visit these beautiful parks.” 

Driven by a passion for helping more campers experience the great outdoors, Campnab is tirelessly working towards expanding its coverage to more regions.

The platform, easily accessible via a web browser without the need for a standalone app, offers memberships starting at a modest $10 per month, and it can be paused during the off-season.


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