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BCLCA Explores Partnership with Swift Charge: A Vision for Public EV Charging Stations at British Columbia Campgrounds

British Columbia’s (Canada) picturesque landscapes have long been a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From the rugged coastlines to the serene forests, the province offers a myriad of camping and lodging options. Now, in a move that aligns with the global shift towards sustainable travel, the British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association (BCLCA) is taking a significant step forward.

The BCLCA has entered into preliminary discussions with Swift Charge, Canada’s premier EV charging service provider. 

Their shared vision? To equip campgrounds, RV parks, and lodging sites across British Columbia with state-of-the-art public EV charging stations. This collaboration promises not only to enhance the convenience for eco-conscious travelers but also to provide a sustainable solution for the province’s outdoor hospitality sector.

For private campground owners and operators in BC, this initiative spells opportunity. Swift Charge proposes a zero-hassle approach where they would shoulder the responsibility of ownership, operation, and all associated costs of the chargers. 

In return, property owners stand to gain a share of the charging revenues. This model not only alleviates the financial and operational burdens from the campground owners but also positions them at the forefront of sustainable travel.

Earlier this year, the enthusiasm for this green initiative was evident when 12 BCLCA members came forward, keen to integrate public EV stations into their properties. 

Swift Charge, known for its robust EV solutions at renowned establishments like Fairmont and Holiday Inn, has reviewed these sites. 

Their plan is to incorporate an average of two level 2 chargers at each location, backed by a grant application to the Federal Government. However, the emphasis remains on quality over quantity. Any site deemed unsuitable during the due diligence process will be thoughtfully excluded, ensuring optimal functionality and user experience.

The BCLCA’s legacy dates back to 1944. As a non-profit association, it has consistently championed the interests of British Columbia’s independent lodging and campground/RV park businesses. Their support extends beyond mere representation. From spearheading consumer marketing initiatives to negotiating group purchasing discounts and addressing regulatory concerns, the BCLCA has been a stalwart ally for its members.

As the world gravitates towards sustainable solutions, British Columbia’s campgrounds are poised to lead the way, thanks to the visionary partnership between BCLCA and Swift Charge. 

For private campground owners and operators, this is a golden opportunity to align with the future, offering eco-friendly amenities while also tapping into a new revenue stream.

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March 12, 2024 11:48 am

Fellow eco-conscious adventurers in British Columbia! How awesome is it that the BCLCA and Swift Charge are teaming up to set up EV charging stations at campgrounds? Now, you can roam guilt-free, knowing your electric ride can juice up while you soak in BC’s breathtaking landscapes. Win-win for sustainability and convenience, right?


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