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B.C. Campground with Staffing Issues Installs Kiosk Concierge

Experiencing staffing issues? This campground in British Columbia is keeping its head above water by installing an iQuiki Kiosk Concierge to help with day-to-day operations.

While the pandemic and rising inflation continue to cause labor shortages, Golden Municipal Campground has found an easy way to serve its guests.

“As a seasonal campground operator in Golden, BC, our biggest challenge was finding staff and bridging the gap for the slower times of the day and season. iQuiki Kiosk offered our guests a fast and straightforward way to book, check in and check out, and to get vital visitor information,” said Michelle Nagy-Deak, the Golden Municipal Campground’s operator.

Photo courtesy of Joy Guyot/iQuiki Kiosk

In a LinkedIn post, iQuiki Kiosk’s Chief Executive Officer Joy Guyot shared photos of the electronic campground solution and a statement from the municipal campground’s operator.

The kiosk is a touch screen and features an easy-to-access interface. Using the booth alone, campers can book; view the campground map; check for a fire permit and sani-dump daily pass; learn about things to do in the area, and more—all at the tip of their fingers.

There is also a direct phone link from the kiosk to call a staff member if they are out of the office in the campground.

Photo courtesy of Joy Guyot/iQuiki Kiosk

“Now, we staff our office and store during the high traffic hours because iQuiki Kiosk takes care of the rest. We pay our staff a living wage and have added night security positions. This kiosk has become a game-changer,” Nagy-Deak said.

iQuiki kiosks are outdoor machines built for Canadian weather, allowing businesses to collect and deliver information to guests efficiently. 

Learn more at https://iquikikiosk.com/.

Featured image courtesy of Joy Guyot/iQuiki Kiosk.

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February 24, 2024 9:51 am

The assertive iQuiki Kiosk Concierge at the Golden Municipal Campground not only streamlines guest services, but also provides real-time information on campground amenities and nearby attractions. In addition, the kiosk allows visitors to easily make reservations for recreational activities and tours, enhancing their overall experience at the campground. 😊


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