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BougeRV Enters Canadian Market

BougeRV, a provider of solar panels, portable refrigerators, and portable power stations for RVs, has entered the Canadian market.

According to a report, this marks a significant step in universal solar energy accessibility and its advantages.

BougeRV has a mission to provide a better outdoor living experience to all  RVers and off-grid travelers through the development of solutions that can help create the goal of a more sustainable future.

BougeRV launched a new website in Canada last month. 

“We are excited to launch BougeRV Canada’s new website, and we have to say that it is with the support of our users that we are motivated to continue,” said BougeRV’s marketing manager.

Now, BougeRV Canada supporters can order our merchandise online that we will bring more outdoor solutions to Canadian outdoor enthusiasts in an effort to make solar energy accessible to everyone.

For BougeRV, this campaign will serve as a means to further enhance the ability of the brand to engage with customers in a meaningful way.

Currently, BougeRV U.S. station has begun selling solar panels, portable power stations, portable refrigerators, as well as other products.

Now, a Canadian website has been launched to connect Canadian users, hoping Canadian outdoor enthusiasts can better enjoy the great outdoors.

BougeRV is dedicated to providing fast and convenient solutions to all outdoor lovers from all over the world.

About BougeRV

In the past years, BougeRV began developing solar panels for outdoor living, dedicated to making solar energy beneficial to all RV and outdoor enthusiasts. Since then, BougeRV has continued to build its brand and product line of excellence in sustainable outdoor living, continually bringing the best products to the world.

BougeRV offers a range of solar power solutions, including portable power stations and solar panels, portable refrigerators, and more. In the future, BougeRV will be developing more products for outdoor use to upgrade the outdoor experience so that users can truly enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

For more information, visit https://ca.bougerv.com/.

This story originally appeared on the Digital Journal.


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