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News for March 20, 2023

Changes Proposed For Alberta Campground


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After having read the proposed amendments to the bylaw, Council decided to hold two public hearings later in September, a report said.

The administration presented requests to the council to approve the first reading of a municipal development plan and an area structure plan amendment for the Eagle Ridge campground.

“It was only the first reading. It’s about getting the bylaw on paper,” Linda Nelson, chief administrative officer, stated in an interview.

Nelson explained to The Albertan that the municipal development plan is a living document and requires periodic updates.

“So, there were some changes that we proposed,” she stated. She also suggested that the urban reserve designation be removed from southeast lands, where the new campground is located, and the outdoor recreation area.

An urban reserve is a holding area. The land was declared as such due to its past history when it was still part of Mountain View County many decades ago.

She stated that it was shown in the municipal development plans as future industrial. However, this has changed over time.

“It will become more of a public place.”

The planned development of the four-season campground and outdoor recreational area will cater not only to visitors but the community as well, she said.

She said that “the next area we did was on Eagle Ridge quarter section”, adding that this ties in with proposed amends to the area plan, which was also given its first reading.

“It was to show one block of land that had been divided as a special area, and identify the area.” There could be many different uses for that area.

That quarter section is located along Centre Street North on the way to James River, just south of the Sundre Hills quarter section, which has previously been earmarked as a potential development for bare land condominium units.

The first reading is primarily used to move the ball along, so there isn’t usually much discussion about the proposed amendments. She also said that any land-use document, including a zoning change, must be subject to public hearing.

The hearing date for the municipal development plan and the Eagle Ridge area structure plans amendments will be on September 20. The council will present all relevant information regarding the proposed changes at that hearing. Depending on the outcome of those discussions, they may consider motions for second or third reading.

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