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Barrhead County’s Camping Scene Grows with Shady Lane Estate Campground

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) of Barrhead County in Alberta, Canada, has approved an application for a 42-stall campground on Shady Lane Estate. The application, submitted by an Alberta-registered company owned by Daniel and Edith Zdrowski, was approved on June 20, adding to the county’s repertoire of campgrounds.

This property also includes a winery and a U-pick fruit operation, according to a report by Town and Country Today. The campground, which is already in operation, will offer a mix of camping and glamping sites such as a platformed bell tent and spots for recreational vehicles (RVs). It will also feature a washroom/shower facility.

The campground is located in an agricultural district, where campgrounds are allowed as a discretionary use. The development officer, Jenny Bruns, explained that basic or unapproved campgrounds can offer a wide range of accommodations, including administration offices, laundry and washroom facilities, and other recreational facilities. However, they cannot include the use of mobile homes, trailers, or other forms of moveable shelters on a permanent, year-round basis.

The Shady Lane campground will provide RV septic service on-site with a 5,000-gallon tank. Potable water will be supplied via portable water wells filled by water trucks. The development application also stated that there would be several garbage receptacles centrally located, with waste disposed of through a third-party private contractor.

The proposed development aligns with the goals and objectives of the county’s municipal development plan, Bruns said. These include encouraging tourism, using lower-capability agricultural land for recreational development, minimizing potential conflicts between recreational activities and other land uses, and reducing municipal costs associated with recreation development. 

The campground will offer various recreational amenities, including walking and hiking trails, beach volleyball, and various cornhole games.

The campground’s location on Range Road 44 is relatively close to another campground, a community hall, and a greenhouse. The road is expected to become busier, and there are concerns about dust from the increased traffic. However, the development agreements can require developers to pay for at least a portion of the cost of dust control treatment.

As part of the approval, the applicant must enter into a development agreement with the county to address nuisance matters, including potential road-use requirements. The county will also notify adjacent landowners of the development, giving them a chance to appeal the decision.

The RV septic service will be provided by a tank installed under the washhouse. The developer aims to funnel people into the facility, but if self-contained RVs need to empty their tanks, the developer will either accommodate them with their existing tank or direct them to an RV dump station elsewhere. The closest sani-dump facility would be in Barrhead.

For aspiring campground owners, the County of Barrhead’s approval of the Shady Lane Estate campground provides an example of how to navigate the approval process and the types of amenities and services that can make a campground successful. It also highlights the importance of considering the impact of the development on the local community and environment.

A YouTube video titled “Camping in County of Barrhead” by the Town of Barrhead provides a glimpse of the beautiful camping options in the County of Barrhead. 

This video could serve as a valuable resource for aspiring campground owners looking for inspiration and understanding of the local camping scene.

Featured image from Shady Lane Estate Campground.


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