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Alberta Parks Warns Kananaskis Visitors To Not Solely Rely On AllTrails App

Alberta Parks is warning visitors to Kananaskis country against relying solely on AllTrails, a crowd-sourced app, that the organization is saying has placed hikers in peril.

In a Wednesday morning social media post, Alberta Parks said search-and-rescue crews have had to respond in situations where visitors to the mountainous provincial parks have been misled.

“The Kananaskis Country Public Safety Team has responded to many incidents caused by unreliable information from (AllTrails), the crowd-sourced app,” said the post. 

“While AllTrails can contain useful photos and reports of current trail conditions, you should never rely solely on the app to plan your trip.

The organization informs visitors also to read guidebooks, look at satellite images, study Gemtrek topo map, and check official trail reports on their website before going, according to a report.

Alberta Parks also encourages the use of physical maps and satellite messengers, as cell service is not readily available in many sections of the parks.

A spokesperson for AllTrails issued the following statement to CTV News Wednesday afternoon in response to the concerns of Alberta Parks.

“AllTrails takes trail safety very seriously, and users can help us maintain accurate and up-to-date trail pages by suggesting edits or leaving reviews. We strive to work directly with parks and land managers to ensure the public receives the best possible information. We also recommend that trail-goers download their trail maps for offline use before heading out. This AllTrails Pro feature helps keep users on track even if service is unavailable.”

This article originally appeared on CTV News.

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Julie Roberts
Julie Roberts
February 20, 2024 5:08 pm

It’s captivating to note that Alberta Parks recommends using official trail maps, park websites, and information from park staff along with the AllTrails app. They also stress the importance of checking weather forecasts and being prepared for changing conditions when planning outdoor activities in Kananaskis Country. This emphasizes the need for diverse sources to ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Thomas Lopez
Thomas Lopez
March 23, 2024 6:03 pm

It’s crucial to know that relying solely on the AllTrails app in Kananaskis can lead to risky situations. Remember to cross-check info, use multiple sources, and be cautious. Let’s keep our outdoor adventures safe and fun by being smart about trip planning!


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