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Alberta Campgrounds Gear Up for High Demand Amid Delayed Start and Predicted Hot Summer

As another camping season approaches, RVers are busy with tasks such as cleaning out their RVs, airing out tents, and rolling up sleeping bags. 

This year, however, the season experienced a delayed start due to heavy snowfall, which prevented some campgrounds from opening on time.

Golden Sheaf Park, for instance, faced challenges due to the late start. Camper Perry Andreas is among those getting ready for a season of camping at the park. Andreas plans to set up his RV and access the campground throughout the season. 

“It’s a hidden gem. You know there’s so many things to do out here; you can bring your kids, enjoy the beach, and for those interested in fishing, there’s great fishing out here,” says Andreas.

Delayed by snow drifts, Golden Sheaf Park could not open at full capacity last month. The campground normally opens fully on April 15, but this year, only 80% of the park was accessible at that time. According to manager Dave Scott, the warm weather has helped quickly fill up the campground.

Scott explains the current high demand for campsites: “We have a number of seasonal campsites that people hold year-over-year. We also have a number of monthly sites, bi-weekly sites all the way right down to overnight sites and tenting sites. So the demand right now is pretty high, people are recognizing this wonderful weather, and we are getting a lot of calls to book in.”

Weather experts predict a hot summer in Alberta, which is expected to result in busy campsites. Scott advises potential campers to book their spots as early as possible. “Most campgrounds, including this one, would ask you to pay something upfront. That way, we can book it in, and there’s not so much loss if at the last minute, they change their minds or are not able to come out,” he says.

Additionally, Scott emphasizes the importance of preparing for hot weather. CHAT News spoke with campers who shared their tips for staying cool during the season. “Air conditioning, absolutely. Long-term summer camping on plains requires air conditioning,” said a man enjoying Rattlesnake Lake.

Another couple setting up their campsite advised, “Obviously drink a lot of water. We have water here at the sites, and if it gets too hot, just water the lawn, and you get that little spray off. If you want to put your lawn chair right in there and sit in there, it’s fine too.” Andreas suggests keeping “a cooler full of nice cold beer or any refreshments you may like, whatever floats your boat.”

While enjoying the outdoors this summer, campers are reminded to be considerate of their neighbors, adhere to the campground’s rules, and check for any local fire bans before embarking on their camping adventures. As the season progresses, the impact of the late start and the hot weather on Alberta’s campgrounds will be an essential topic to monitor, offering insight into potential challenges and opportunities for campers and campground owners.

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March 15, 2024 8:31 am

Isn’t it exciting how Alberta campgrounds are buzzing with activity this season? It’s a prime time to soak up the natural beauty! Don’t forget to book early to secure your spot and consider exploring hiking, fishing, or wildlife watching for an unforgettable experience. The variety of amenities available, like yurts and cabins, cater to all comfort levels. What outdoor adventure are you most looking forward to this camping season?

April 15, 2024 9:13 pm

Thinking of camping in Alberta this summer? Check out Hidden Valley Campground for a quieter vibe. Don’t forget to explore nearby hiking trails, fishing spots, and wildlife areas for a full wilderness adventure. Enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful Alberta!


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