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Wycheproof Wetlands Precinct: A New Destination for Nature Tourism and Local Growth

The Andrews Labor Government is delivering a significant tourism boost for the Loddon-Mallee region of Victoria (Australia), as a new wetlands precinct is set to attract nature enthusiasts, nature tourists, and create local jobs.

The new wetlands precinct will connect to the Wycheproof Recreation Reserve and the Wycheproof Caravan Park, encouraging visitors to extend their stay and explore nearby towns like Charlton and St Arnaud. In 2019, 19% of all visitors to Victoria enjoyed a nature-based experience. The project is expected to attract an additional 3,000 visitors to Wycheproof in the first twelve months.

Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Steve Dimopoulos announced that construction is set to begin on the Wycheproof Wetlands Precinct, backed by the Labor Government.

This project will create a 70,000m2 wetland system, transforming the area into a world-class nature-based tourism experience and offering new recreation opportunities. Native trees and vegetation plantings will improve the habitat for local wildlife, and a new jetty will be built, allowing visitors to walk out over the water.

Additional facilities in the precinct include a skate park, bike racks, and a sensory play area for children, encouraging outdoor enjoyment for visitors. During construction, the project will create six jobs with two ongoing full-time roles after completion next year.

Aligning with the recently launched Experience Victoria 2033 strategic plan, the Wycheproof Wetlands Precinct project supports the growth of experiences in five key pillars: Nature, First Peoples-led experiences, Wellness, Arts and Culture, and Food and Drink.

Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Steve Dimopoulos said, “The Loddon Mallee region is an iconic tourism destination, with thousands of visitors each year flocking to attractions like the magnificent Silo Art Trail and waterways.”

He added, “We’re proud to be backing a project that encourages people to enjoy our great outdoors and puts Wycheproof on the map as a nature-based destination of choice – that’s great for visitors and local jobs.”

The timeline for the project indicates completion next year, with ongoing benefits expected for the region. Caravan park owners and operators have an opportunity to capitalize on the growing interest in nature-based tourism spurred by the development of the Wycheproof Wetlands Precinct.

Park owners can enhance their facilities and amenities to cater to eco-conscious visitors, offer sustainable options such as solar-powered facilities, recycling programs, and promote local resources. Collaboration with local tour operators to curate unique nature experiences for guests will showcase the region’s flora, fauna, and outdoor activities.

By adapting to the evolving tourism landscape and embracing Wycheproof’s natural assets, caravan park owners and operators can ensure their businesses thrive alongside the growth of nature-based tourism.

Wycheproof is a small town in the center of the Shire of Buloke, in northwestern Victoria, Australia. As of the 2021 census, it had a population of 610. The town is known for its very wide main street and is the site of the smallest mountain in Australia, Mount Wycheproof. The town is part of the iconic Loddon Mallee region, which attracts thousands of visitors each year to attractions like the magnificent Silo Art Trail and waterways.

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March 31, 2024 6:30 pm

Nature lovers and thrill-seekers! How awesome is it to hear about the Wycheproof Wetlands Precinct? Imagine strolling through the wetland system, taking in all the native plantings, and enjoying those family-friendly facilities. It’s like getting a front-row seat to Victoria’s natural wonders. Let’s plan a visit and soak up the magic of this eco-friendly haven! What do you think?

Charles Evans
Charles Evans
April 11, 2024 7:33 pm

Did you catch wind of the cool project happening in Wycheproof? Besides the wetlands precinct, they’re adding walking trails and birdwatching spots to amp up the nature vibe! Caravan park owners could really up their game by offering eco-friendly perks. What do you think of this nature tourism boost?

Nancy Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
May 8, 2024 4:55 am

Isn’t it cool that the Wycheproof Wetlands Precinct will have more than just wetlands and a jetty? You’ll find walking trails, birdwatching platforms, guided tours, and educational programs too. It’s going to be a fantastic spot for nature lovers and conservation enthusiasts to explore!


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