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Volkswagen Australia to Launch More Campervans

The creator of the Volkswagen Kombi will launch three campervans next year to meet the demands of the rising number of Australians holidaying.

Volkswagen Kombi has come back to life with three modern alternatives—small, medium, and large body styles—to meet the increasing market demand of campervans as more Australians choose to stay at home following international travel protocols.

Australian buyers spend more than AU$100,000 for self-contained “holiday homes.”

The Volkswagen California based on the company’s transporter mid-sized delivery van has been sold out, and more will arrive next year.

It’s expected to be followed by a smaller model of the Volkswagen California, which is based on the compact Caddy delivery van that is roughly equal in size to the smaller car.

Next year, Volkswagen Australia will launch a full-size campervan large enough to stand in it, based on the Crafter delivery van.

The Volkswagen Crafter campervan is unlikely to take on the California name since it will be a locally-developed model based on an Australian caravan and camper van supplier.

Volkswagen Australia said the first 150 units of medium-sized California (based upon the most recent Transporter) quickly sold out.

The company is now frantically trying to get more from the German factory, which is trying to keep up with worldwide demand.

Volkswagen Australia Commercial Vehicles Head Ryan Davies said: “We dipped our toe into the campervan market, and we sold more than 150 examples of California (based on the Transporter van).”

“That’s a massive coup for us,” said Davies. “All of those cars have averaged well over $100,000, so having a successful entry into that segment is pleasing to see.” The Volkswagen executive stated the “turn-key” camper van solutions are of “more relevance now that Australians want to travel locally rather than internationally, and we expect that’s going to continue.”

Although its medium and small camper vans are sold-out triumphs, Volkswagen says it has one void to fulfill.

“We’ve got a missing product in the camper van range, the top end with the Crafter,” said Davies.

“We’ve been working with a local converter to build a full-size, fully self-contained camper van built off the Crafter long-wheelbase all-wheel drive, which is a very unique product in market.”

While Volkswagen is hesitant to reveal specifics of the Uber-Kombi, reports say that the company has explored the possibility of collaborating with Jayco.

In the event of a delay, Volkswagen’s Crafter-based campervan is expected to be in Australian showrooms before the end of next year.

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February 18, 2024 5:31 pm

These additional campervan choices from Volkswagen Australia are ideal for exploring Australia’s diverse landscapes and undertaking memorable road trips and outdoor adventures.

March 21, 2024 1:04 am
Reply to  BlueJay4181

I gotta say, I’m a bit concerned about the potential impact of these new campervans. They sound amazing, but I hope they won’t break the bank. It’s important to ensure they’re accessible to everyone who wants to experience the great outdoors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Kevin Ward
Kevin Ward
May 18, 2024 10:32 am

Can you believe it? Volkswagen Australia is not stopping at three new campervans! They’re spicing things up with cool features like hi-tech gadgets and maybe even a built-in espresso machine for those road trip mornings!


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