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Victoria Amplifies Measures to Safeguard Aboriginal Heritage in Grampians National Park

Victoria’s Grampians National Park, a beacon of natural beauty and cultural significance, has recently been at the forefront of a pivotal decision. The state has empowered its public service investigators with unique search, seize, and entry rights. 

This move is part of a broader initiative to deter climbers and enthusiasts from accessing areas of the park protected under Aboriginal cultural heritage laws.

In 2019, the Grampians witnessed a sweeping change when activities such as rock climbing, walking, and camping were restricted in vast portions of the park. This decision was rooted in a profound respect for the Aboriginal cultural heritage that the region embodies. 

The Aboriginal Heritage Act, a cornerstone of Victoria’s commitment to preserving indigenous culture, has been unequivocal in its stance. Individuals found meddling with cultural sites, even without causing tangible damage, could face hefty fines, with penalties reaching a staggering AU$346,000.

Parks Victoria, recognizing the global acclaim the Grampians once held as a climbing site, has been proactive in its approach. Large swathes of the park have been closed off to protect invaluable Aboriginal rock art and other cultural relics. 

The state’s resolve is evident in its rigorous enforcement strategies. From tracking vehicle registrations to gathering on-the-ground intelligence, no stone is left unturned to ensure compliance, as reported by Sky News.

The Grampians, nestled approximately 250km northwest of Melbourne, has been a magnet for climbing aficionados. However, the recent regulations have cast a shadow of uncertainty. 

An instance that underscores the state’s vigilance involves a rock climber whose residence was visited twice by an investigator from the First Peoples – State Relations Unit. The climber’s vehicle was allegedly linked to multiple offenses.

The climbing community, while understanding the gravity of preserving cultural heritage, has voiced concerns. The closures have been particularly contentious since many rock art sites have naturally eroded over time, becoming barely discernible. Advanced tools like X-ray glasses have been employed to detect some of these fading drawings.

The Grampians saga underscores a broader narrative – the delicate balance between recreational pursuits and the sacrosanct duty to preserve cultural heritage. While the state’s measures might seem stringent to some, they echo a deeper commitment to honoring the rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture.

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May 21, 2024 12:04 pm

You know, besides stepping up the protection game in Grampians National Park, Parks Victoria’s spreading the word on Aboriginal heritage’s importance. They’re even setting up guided tours with Indigenous elders, giving us a chance to soak in the history in a respectful way. Cool, right?


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