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True North RV: A New Caravan Dealership Emerges in Mount Gambier

True North RV, a new caravan dealership, has opened its doors in Mount Gambier, South Australia. This dealership, founded by local mum and outdoor enthusiast Jess Herring, marks a significant addition to the caravan industry in the region.

True North RV is strategically located halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide, making it an accessible destination for caravan enthusiasts. The dealership specializes in offering a range of Malibu Caravans, a well-known brand in the Australian caravan market. This partnership aims to cater to the diverse needs of caravan buyers in the area.

Malibu Caravans, based in Melbourne, is recognized for its durable and Australian-made caravans. The brand offers a 2-year structural warranty on its products, ensuring reliability and quality. 

True North RV’s collaboration with Malibu Caravans brings a variety of caravan models to the Limestone Coast, including family vans and couples vans, according to a report by Holiday Parks Downunder.

The range of caravans at True North RV includes models designed for different types of travelers. From compact designs ideal for couples to more spacious family vans, the dealership aims to meet various customer preferences. One of the unique offerings is the Toy Hauler, a model that combines the features of a trailer and a caravan.

Jess Herring’s journey in establishing True North RV is notable. As a single mother, her venture into the caravan industry reflects her passion for the outdoors and her commitment to her business. Her story is an inspiration to the local community, showcasing the potential of entrepreneurship.

True North RV also focuses on providing personalized customer service. The dealership offers customization options for caravans, catering to individual buyer preferences. This service is facilitated through a partnership with DP Marine & Caravan Repairs in Millicent, enhancing the customer experience.

The dealership’s impact extends beyond just selling caravans. It represents a significant development in the local economy, contributing to job creation and promoting tourism in the region. True North RV is becoming a hub for caravan enthusiasts and a contributor to the local community’s growth.

True North RV, located at 4 Margaret Street, Mount Gambier, is a noteworthy addition to the caravan industry. With its strategic location, range of Malibu Caravans, and focus on customer satisfaction, the dealership is poised to serve the caravan community effectively. 

For more information, interested individuals can visit True North RV or contact Jess Herring at 0418 830 248.

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May 2, 2024 3:44 am

Ever wondered about shaking up your caravan game? True North RV is here to liven things up like a kangaroo on a trampoline! And hey, word on the street is that Jess Herring can customize a caravan quicker than you can say G’day mate with a mouth full of Vegemite!


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