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News for August 8, 2022

Sunland Caravans Showcases New All-Aussie Oz Glide


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With the increasing amount of large caravans being pulled by stiffly-sprung 4WD ‘adventure trucks,’ the issue of road shocks passing to the van is a problem that can be detrimental to the tow vehicles and the longevity of the van, and its security when the road is slippery.

The Australian-designed and built Oz Glide tow hitch dampening system, which claims to resolve the issue by cutting down on road shocks to the towing vehicle, was on display during the 2022 Queensland Supershow, complete with a Cruisemaster DO-35 coupling and fitted to a bare aluminum chassis on the stand of Caboolture’s Sunland Caravans.

Sunland states that it is compatible with the hitch on its most expensive models since it improves towing when towed on poorly-surfaced roads. Australian roads, according to a report.

Chassis mounted, instead of tow vehicle-mounted, like many of the American Gen-Y torsion flex hitches fitted to many large American pick-ups, the Oz Glide is claimed to provide a smooth ride for the tow vehicle and caravan, equipment trailer, or horse float by absorbing road shocks – particularly important when towing off-road.

By reducing the amount of friction, the hitch also helps keep the tow vehicle’s rear wheels more grounded to the ground, increasing the grip on slippery or wet roads.

Bolted to the trailer’s A-frame and connected to the tow vehicle by its coupling, the Oz Glide uses two shock absorbers and an airbag to reduce the downward impact on the tow-ball. The airbag does most of the work, with the shock absorbers inhibiting any recoil.

It is advantageous when towing a horse’s float since caravanners can tow large loads.

One of the advantages of the Oz Glide, which was created by Queenslander Barry Blumke some years ago, is that it only requires a traditional tow hitch and a tow ball, making it extremely easy to install and hook up.

With an RRP of AU$2800, including GST and freight within Australia, the coupling meets Australian Design Rules for 3.5 tonnes, with a version currently being developed by Blumke’s son-in-law Allen Stevenson for 4.5-tonne certification at his Meridan Plains, Queensland workshop.

Stevenson said demand for the 3500kg Oz Glide has been from people across the range, and despite a money-back guarantee on satisfaction, he has never had to provide a refund.

It’s available direct from the Oz Glide website.

This article originally appeared on Caravan Camping Sales.


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