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Sixty6 Acres Farmstay Announces Expansion to Enhance Agritourism Experience

In an exciting development for agritourism enthusiasts and the local community, Sixty6 Acres Farmstay, located in Woombye, is preparing to broaden its horizons with significant expansion plans. 

Slated for completion in early 2025, the farmstay aims to introduce a new recreation hub, a 25-meter pool, and caravan accommodation, thereby increasing its overnight guest capacity and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Since its inauguration last year, Sixty6 Acres has captivated guests with its unique blend of luxury accommodation and immersive agricultural experiences. 

The farmstay currently offers two- and three-bedroom accommodations alongside opportunities for guests to interact with miniature farm animals, engage in water activities, and explore the region’s rich agricultural heritage, according to a report by Sunshine Coast News.

The expansion is expected to elevate Sixty6 Acres’ capacity to host over 200 guests, offering a wider array of facilities and accommodation options at various price points. Owners Andrew and Jo Pitcher have expressed their anticipation of the project, emphasizing its potential to cater to larger gatherings such as family reunions, milestone birthdays, and corporate retreats.

Agritourism, defined by the American Farm Bureau as an enterprise at a working farm conducted for visitors’ enjoyment that generates income for the owner, has proven beneficial for both farmers and consumers, as per a report by the OSU Extension Service.

It not only serves as an additional income source but also fosters name recognition for agricultural products, educates the public about farming and rural heritage, and stimulates local economies by attracting tourists.

The Pitchers have outlined the first stage of improvements to commence with minor flood mitigation earthworks, followed by road upgrades, the installation of a wastewater treatment plant, and the development of facilities for 95 caravan and RV powered sites. 

These sites will be designed to offer more generous proportions than most, ensuring a comfortable and spacious stay for all guests.

In addition to the tangible benefits of increased accommodation capacity and enhanced facilities, the expansion of Sixty6 Acres is poised to generate significant “spillover” economic development opportunities for the Woombye community. 

By drawing tourists to the area, the farmstay will indirectly boost local businesses, including shops, restaurants, and other accommodations.

The farmstay’s commitment to agritourism aligns with broader trends in the industry, which seeks to revitalize rural economies and preserve agricultural lands and traditions. Through this expansion, Sixty6 Acres aims to offer more labor opportunities for local residents, contributing to the community’s economic and social vitality.

As Sixty6 Acres Farmstay embarks on this ambitious expansion, it stands as a testament to the growing appeal and potential of agritourism. By blending luxury accommodation with authentic agricultural experiences, the farmstay is not just enhancing its offerings but also contributing to the sustainable development of the local economy and the promotion of agricultural education.

The expansion of Sixty6 Acres Farmstay represents a significant milestone in the evolution of agritourism in the region. With its enhanced facilities and increased capacity, the farmstay is set to offer an even richer experience to visitors, while simultaneously supporting the local community and economy.

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Olive Grove
Olive Grove
May 8, 2024 2:19 am

Have you heard about Sixty6 Acres Farmstay’s exciting expansion plans? It’s not just about more space but also offering unforgettable farm experiences and supporting the community. Sounds like a win-win!


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