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Lost New Zealand Campground Raft Found 230 KM Away

A swimming raft taken from South Island camping was destroyed by flooding and has been found on Taranaki’s beach, more than 230km away, a report said.

Andrew Quinney thought he’d find Mark’s Ark floating in the Motueka estuary after his family lost their swimming raft ‘Mark’s Ark.

Quinney’s Bush Camp is a riverside campsite located in Motupiko (lower Tasman), about 50km from Motueka. The campground is located only 40 minutes from Nelson and is popular with young families. It is also known for its swimming hole and water slide.

According to the report, Mark’s Ark, was built eight years ago by Quinney’s father. The raft is made from timber and four wooden buoys. It can be found in the swimming hole during summer. Winter sees the raft being lifted from the riverbank and placed behind the stopbank.

The campground was affected by floods that swept the region in late July. Quinney’s Bush Camp’s swimming hole and newly constructed diving platform were destroyed by the rain. Mark’s Ark has washed away with the tree to which it was attached.

Quinney wrote on Facebook, just days after the flood, that the last time the swimming holes flooded the raft it ended up below Tapawera. Tapawera is a small village between Motueka and Motupiko.

Quinney began receiving messages a month later. Quinney started receiving messages from a Taranaki resident who had asked for information on the NZ Fishing Community Facebook group, the report mentioned.

Past campers recognized the raft and contacted Quinney.

Quinney was stunned when he learned that the raft was located on Taranaki beaches.

Quinney stated that he and his family would like to thank everyone who reached out to them regarding the search for the raft and those who looked after it over its missing month.

Rusty Campbell, managing director, stated that the contractors were able to move the raft despite the terrain. The raft is now in the company’s yard, waiting to be taken back to Quinney’s Bush Camp, the report added.

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February 18, 2024 7:19 am

Isn’t it remarkable how Mark’s Ark was discovered on Taranaki beaches after being swept away from the South Island campground? This captivating tale of resilience and community is a must-read for anyone intrigued by such stories.

May 16, 2024 7:38 pm
Reply to  LeahGale

Yeah, it’s pretty amazing how Mark’s Ark ended up all the way on Taranaki beaches after being swept away from the South Island campground. Nature’s wild, right? Speaking of camping, have you ever tried white-water rafting? It’s a thrill!

Nancy Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
April 8, 2024 10:33 am

You know, hearing about Mark’s Ark’s adventure is like one of those stories that show how unpredictable nature can be! The fact that it traveled over 230km from Quinney’s Bush Camp to Taranaki is just wild. It’s heartwarming to see everyone come together to help bring it back home.


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