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Coromandel Seaside Campsites Welcome Summer Visitors Post-Cyclone Repairs

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has announced the reopening of several northern Coromandel campsites for the summer season. These sites, cherished for offering a quintessential Kiwi seaside camping experience, are now available for bookings.

Among the reopened sites are Fletcher Bay, Port Jackson, Stony Bay, Fantail Bay, and Waikawau Bay. Each of these locations promises visitors an escape from urban life, with opportunities for activities such as fishing, tramping, swimming, snorkeling, and boating.

However, the journey to this reopening was not without its challenges. The aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle had left several of these campsites in a state of disrepair, necessitating their closure for several months.

The damage from the cyclone was extensive. Repair efforts included tasks like inspecting vaults beneath toilets, mending water infrastructure, rebuilding internal roads within the campsites, repairing bridges, culverts, and clearing out strewn vegetation and fallen trees.

In light of the cyclone’s impact, the DOC, in collaboration with the Thames-Coromandel District Council, has introduced several changes to the management of these campsites to ensure their sustainable use and the safety of visitors, as reported by SunLive.

One significant change has been the reduction in visitor capacity at several sites. For instance, Port Jackson’s capacity has been reduced from 250 to 185, Fletcher Bay from 300 to 200, and Fantail Bay from 80 to 60.

This decision to reduce capacity is strategic. It allows the DOC and the Thames-Coromandel District Council to manage traffic volumes on the gravel roads leading to these sites, ensuring both environmental preservation and visitor safety.

Another noteworthy change pertains to the service standards at certain campsites. For example, Port Jackson and Fletcher Bay have seen a shift from what the DOC terms as a “standard camp” to a “backcountry standard”, impacting the facilities and assets available to visitors.

Potential visitors are urged to be well-prepared for their trips. The isolated nature of these campsites means that they should be equipped with essentials such as water, food, toilet paper, cooking equipment, emergency provisions, and even spare fuel for vehicles.

Moreover, the DOC emphasizes the importance of paying close attention to weather forecasts and road network alerts, especially given the recent cyclonic events and the challenges they presented.

The Thames-Coromandel District Council also joins in this advisory, urging visitors to be conservative with water use during the summer and to remain vigilant about fire risks and bans.


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