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New Public Campgrounds to Enhance Visitor Experience at Riverland’s Chowilla Game Reserve

The Department for Environment and Water has unveiled plans to introduce new public camping facilities in the Riverland area, aiming to enrich the visitor experience. This initiative is set to transform the way tourists and locals interact with the natural beauty of the region.

Located just north of Renmark, Australia, the Chowilla Game Reserve is a haven for diverse wildlife. It offers unique opportunities for the public to immerse themselves in secluded bush camping, providing an authentic experience amidst nature.

These proposed campsites will be under the management of the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Positioned on public land, they are intended for community enjoyment, ensuring that the beauty of the reserve is accessible to all, according to a news release.

Stuart Paul, the regional operations director of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, emphasized the reserve’s conservation value. It stands as a Riverland Wetland of International Importance, a title bestowed under the Ramsar convention.

The upcoming Monomon Creek campgrounds are anticipated to be a hit among visitors. They might boast facilities such as sheltered areas, fire pits, and interpretive signage, enhancing the camping experience.

While there are no existing public camping facilities in this location, the new sites, once operational, will be available for booking through the National Park and Wildlife Services website. This digital integration ensures convenience for potential visitors.

The development of this new campground will also see the removal of a local flood-damaged structure, Foley’s Shack. This will pave the way for the establishment of the public campground and a dedicated visitor-use area.

Beyond its ecological significance, Tjowilla (Chowilla) holds cultural importance. It is acknowledged as the traditional lands of the First Peoples of the River Murray and Mallee, adding another layer of depth to its value.

The reserve is also distinguished as one of the six Living Murray icon sites situated in the southern Murray-Darling Basin. This recognition further cements its status as a crucial conservation and cultural site.

The introduction of these campgrounds is not just about tourism; it’s about preserving and showcasing the natural and cultural heritage of the Riverland area. By providing these facilities, the Department for Environment and Water is ensuring that both are celebrated and respected.


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Mau Mendoza

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