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Mid Murray Caravan Parks Rebuild After River Flooding

The Mid Murray region in South Australia has been grappling with the aftermath of devastating floods that hit the area. Only four out of the six caravan parks have managed to reopen, according to a report by InDaily.

The parks at Younghusband and Punyelroo near Swan Reach were among the first to reopen, followed by Morgan Riverside Caravan Park

The local community has been particularly supportive in Morgan, where residents helped lay new lawns and remove contaminated earth.

However, the challenges are far from over. Water levels remain high, and the Environment and Water Department has issued high water advice. 

Mannum Caravan Park is operating at only 50% capacity, while Blanchetown and Swan Reach caravan parks are still in the recovery phase.

The State Emergency Service (SES) had issued emergency warnings for caravan parks, including Kingston-on-Murray Caravan Park, which had been closed since November due to flood risks. Roads have also been cut off by water across the region, adding to the challenges faced by these parks.

The government has introduced new planning rules to assist the rebuilding process along the River Murray. However, there has been a lack of financial assistance for holiday homes, adding to the woes of the caravan park owners.

A similar situation is echoed in an article by The Guardian in January, which describes the plight of caravan parks along the Murray River, including those in New South Wales and Victoria. The parks have not only suffered infrastructure damage but also significant financial losses, estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Guardian article highlights that the flood’s impact extends beyond the caravan parks to the local economy. The thousands of people who normally visit these parks also support local businesses, which are now suffering due to the lack of tourism.

As caravan parks rebuild, the local community has been instrumental in the recovery process. In Morgan, for example, locals helped lay new lawns and remove contaminated earth. Significant efforts were also made to reinstate seven ensuite cabins and four standard cabins by March. This sense of community has been a silver lining in the face of adversity.

The caravan parks in the Mid Murray region are slowly but surely recovering from the devastating floods. While challenges remain, the resilience and support of the local community, along with new government initiatives, are helping pave the way for a stronger future.

Featured image from Morgan Riverside Caravan Park.

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March 18, 2024 5:32 pm

Isn’t it inspiring to witness the Mid Murray community coming together to rebuild the caravan parks after the flood? Implementing sustainable practices can make a real difference in preserving our natural beauty.

April 4, 2024 1:35 am

The situation in Mid Murray is real tough after the floods. Let’s rally together to help rebuild the caravan parks. Safety first, repairs needed, and unity is key for recovery.


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