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MDC’s New Compact Pop-Top Hybrid Models: Meeting the Demand for Efficient RVs

MDC, a leading brand in the Australian camper market, has launched two new compact 10ft pop-top hybrid models. These additions to its growing range of imported off-road caravans are designed to meet the increasing demand for compact and efficient RV models. 

The new models feature an electric pop-top roof, with the XT10E-SB variant offering two 2.0m long single beds, a departure from the east-west double bed in the standard 10ft XT10E 15th Anniversary model.

The second model, the XT10E-LP (low profile), is designed for easy storage in a garage or under a carport. It measures just 2.09m high with the roof down, or 47cm lower than the other two 10ft caravan models. 

According to a report by Caravan Camping Sales, this compact design makes it an ideal choice for campers who have limited storage space but still want the convenience and comfort of a pop-top hybrid RV.

Standard features on the ‘twin single’ 10ft MDC pop-top include a slide-out kitchen, external ensuite shower, plumbed hot water, diesel heater and air conditioner, TV and stereo entertainment centre, rear-view camera, trailer electronic stability control and a 200AH lithium battery system with 440W of rooftop solar. 

These features provide all the comforts of home while on the road, making camping more enjoyable and convenient.

The ‘low profile’ MDC XT10E-LP also comes standard with a 200Ah lithium battery but more rooftop solar (745W), along with a diesel heater, air conditioner, TV and stereo entertainment, rear-view camera and trailer electronic stability control. 

These features make it a versatile and efficient choice for campers, offering the benefits of a larger RV in a compact and manageable size.

Since the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in outdoor tourism. More people are turning to the outdoor hospitality industry, including holiday parks, for their vacation needs. This has led to an increased demand for compact pop-top hybrid RV models like those offered by MDC.

Compact pop-top hybrid RV models offer several benefits for campers. They are easy to tow and maneuver, making them ideal for those new to RV camping. They also offer a comfortable and convenient camping experience, with features like a slide-out kitchen and ensuite shower.

The new 10ft variants are now available for pre-order and are priced at $44,990, the same as the standard 3-4 berth X10E off-road pop-top. This makes them an affordable choice for campers looking for a compact and feature-rich RV model.

MDC’s launch of two new compact pop-top hybrid models is a response to the increasing demand for efficient and convenient RV models. These models offer a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience, making them an excellent choice for those interested in outdoor tourism.

Featured image from MDC.


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