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Mandurah Council Approves AU$43.28 Million Ecotourism Investment for Yalgorup National Park

The Mandurah City Council has approved a AU$43.28 million investment to enhance ecotourism in Yalgorup National Park, located south of Mandurah. 

This comprehensive development plan includes new beach camping sites, a 40km hiking trail, and significant upgrades to the popular Tims Thicket beach, aiming to promote sustainable tourism within the park.

Endorsed during the council meeting on May 28, the masterplan serves as a guiding document for the sustainable development of ecotourism opportunities in and around Yalgorup National Park. This initiative is set to enhance visitor experiences while preserving the park’s natural beauty.

A substantial AU$6.53 million will be dedicated to upgrading the Tims Thicket to White Hills beach area. This investment focuses on managing vehicle access and ensuring all-season accessibility that does not rely on beach driving, as reported by Perth Now.

The upgrades will include new infrastructure such as car parking areas, toilets, lookouts, picnic shelters, and tyre deflation zones, making the area more accessible and enjoyable for visitors.

Additionally, the plan allocates AU$750,000 for the creation of 20 low-cost camping platforms along the beach between White Hills Road and Preston Beach. These platforms aim to provide affordable camping options, encouraging more visitors to explore the coastal beauty of the park.

Enhancements are also underway in the thrombolites area, with a AU$5.14 million investment already in progress. The upgrades include replacing and improving the boardwalk and toilets, adding more parking spaces, constructing new shelters for educational and tourism purposes, and upgrading signage and existing trails. 

These improvements are designed to provide a better visitor experience while preserving the unique thrombolite formations.

Another significant project is the development of the Yalgorup Long Distance Trail, a 40km loop trail that will offer hikers a scenic route through the park. The trailhead for this new trail will be located at the Quail Road Recreation Site in Bouvard, providing easy access for visitors.

Rob Winterschladen, a representative from the Mandurah City Council, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “These developments are a major step forward in promoting sustainable tourism in Yalgorup National Park. The new infrastructure and facilities will enhance the visitor experience while preserving the park’s natural environment.”

Local residents and visitors are eagerly anticipating the completion of these projects, which promise to transform Yalgorup National Park into a premier ecotourism destination. The council’s commitment to sustainable development ensures that the park’s ecological integrity will be maintained while providing new opportunities for recreation and education.

With these significant investments, Yalgorup National Park is set to become a key attraction for both nature enthusiasts and casual visitors. The enhancements will not only improve access and amenities but also highlight the park’s unique natural features, making it a must-visit destination in the region.

As the development projects move forward, the Mandurah City Council continues to work closely with environmental experts and community stakeholders to ensure that the park’s natural beauty is preserved for future generations.

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