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News for October 3, 2023

Malanda Caravan Park Sale Halted by Community Efforts

A community-driven social media campaign in Malanda, North Queensland, Australia has successfully stopped the proposed sale of the town’s caravan park. The decision was made at a council meeting on Thursday morning, May 3, 2023, after council officers had initially recommended selling the park as a late agenda item.

According to a report by The Express Australia, prior to the meeting, Malanda Chamber of Commerce representatives Greg English and Jeanette Suffield presented their case against selling the popular facility. 

English described the move to bring the item forward as a “late agenda item” as underhanded tactics and criticized the council for its continuous shift in position on the matter.

“This has further reduced the community’s trust in council officers,” English said, noting that the council’s original stance changed from “we would be happy with a park that was revenue neutral” to “we would like to make some money from this,” and ultimately, “let’s sell the park.”

English highlighted the importance of the caravan park to the local economy, as Malanda now features 11 dining establishments that depend on tourist dollars. The park serves as a vital base for attracting visitors and enabling them to explore the region.

Malanda resident Matt Lachlan also passionately advocated for retaining the caravan park in its current format. He reminded councillors of the 2,400-signature petition generated in 2020 when the initial proposal to sell the park was introduced.

Councillor Dave Bilney, whose division includes Malanda, spearheaded the motion to retain the park and call for expressions of interest in a 30-year lease. He argued that extending the lease term would encourage a potential operator to invest in the park and yield an acceptable financial return.

The council unanimously voted to call for expressions of interest for a 30-year lease, with officers expected to return to the council by July with recommendations. A report outlining options for ensuring the park remains under council ownership will also be presented.

The outdoor hospitality industry is crucial in supporting local economies and promoting tourism. Caravan parks provide affordable accommodation options for travelers and foster a sense of community for both visitors and locals. 

Retaining the Malanda Caravan Park not only benefits the town but also reflects a broader trend of communities rallying to preserve local assets that contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the outdoor hospitality sector.


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