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Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show: A Catalyst for Regional Tourism in South Australia

The ongoing Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show, held in South Australia, stands as a beacon for regional tourism, drawing attention to the state’s picturesque rural landscapes and supporting the economic recovery of flood-affected areas. 

This five-day event from February 14-18, anticipated to attract over 25,000 visitors, underscores the strategic importance of the caravan, camping, and outdoor lifestyle sectors to the region’s tourism industry.

Supported by the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), the show aligns with efforts to target the self-drive market, a crucial component in the state’s broader tourism strategy. 

Minister for Tourism, Zoe Bettison, emphasized the event’s role in showcasing South Australia’s diverse attractions, particularly highlighting the Mighty Murray region’s splendor to a national audience, as reported by The Greater SA.

Local businesses and tourism operators, such as Brenton Carle of Canoe the Coorong, view the show as an invaluable platform for promoting regional tourism offerings. 

Carle’s participation underscores the significance of the self-drive market for operators in remote locations, highlighting how events like these can spotlight the unique experiences available in South Australia’s heartlands.

The Let’s Go Road Trips Pavilion, a central feature of the show, offers attendees a deep dive into the Murray River’s allure, providing tips, advice, and insights from local operators. This focus not only promotes the region but also supports businesses impacted by recent challenges, including COVID-19 and flooding.

Interactive sessions, live talks, and exhibitions, such as the ‘Magic of the Mighty Murray’ discussion series, engage visitors with the rich cultural and natural heritage of the area. The show’s printed program, featuring SATC’s River Revival Voucher initiative, encourages further exploration of the Murray River regions, highlighting opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

In a novel promotional effort, SATC’s newly launched bakery bags aim to entice visitors with regional delicacies, guiding potential road trippers to holiday inspiration, maps, and itineraries of the state’s iconic road trips. This initiative reflects a creative approach to marketing regional tourism, blending culinary delights with travel inspiration.

Exhibitors from across the tourism spectrum, including Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and Turkey Flat Vineyards, contribute to a comprehensive showcase of South Australia as a premier self-drive holiday destination. Their participation highlights the collaborative effort to promote regional attractions and support local economies.

As the Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show unfolds at the Adelaide Showground, its impact on regional tourism is clear. By drawing visitors to South Australia’s rural areas, the event plays a pivotal role in the economic and cultural revitalization of the region, offering a template for future tourism development.

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February 15, 2024 10:43 am

Isn’t the Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show an exhilarating platform for promoting regional tourism? 😊 It’s delightful to see the latest in sustainable camping gear showcased there! 🏕️

February 15, 2024 5:41 pm
Reply to  frankie_fast

The Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show is a marvelous platform for showcasing the beauty of regional tourism and all the thrilling adventures waiting to be discovered. It’s a splendid way to spark interest and inspire people to explore the wonderful outdoor experiences South Australia has to offer. And hey, I always find some quirky sustainable camping gear that ends up in my must-have list!

Timothy Reed
Timothy Reed
February 15, 2024 5:47 pm
Reply to  travelTalesTom

I’m always on the lookout for intriguing eco-friendly camping gear too! It’s like finding hidden treasure. Plus, it’s a great way to support sustainable practices.

February 15, 2024 8:36 pm

Isn’t it compelling how the Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show in South Australia not only fosters regional tourism but also builds a sense of community among businesses and operators? The event’s spotlight on the Mighty Murray region truly showcases its natural beauty and diverse range of outdoor activities and experiences. 😊

February 15, 2024 8:41 pm

Isn’t it fantastic how the Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show in South Australia ignites a sense of adventure, showcasing the Mighty Murray region’s diverse attractions? It’s a vital catalyst for regional growth, supporting businesses, and promoting resilience. This event truly fosters exploration and community.

February 16, 2024 1:03 am

Inspiring to see the Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show promoting regional tourism and offering a platform for industry innovation. It’s a fantastic way to foster community and collaboration within the industry. What are your thoughts on this event’s impact on regional tourism?

February 16, 2024 4:31 am

The Let’s Go Caravan, Camping, and Outdoor Show is an incredible chance to connect with SA’s beauty and plan self-drive adventures. The emphasis on the Mighty Murray region’s natural beauty and cultural richness is a captivating reason to explore this picturesque area during your holiday.

February 16, 2024 5:21 am
Reply to  InqUrLad371

Exploring the Mighty Murray region sounds like an interesting plan for a holiday. Explanation: The beauty of the area is truly appealing.


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