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Kmart’s New Collection: Ideal Picks for Campers and RV Enthusiasts

Kmart Australia has recently introduced an extensive new collection of home and outdoor products that cater to a variety of customers, including campers and RV enthusiasts. 

The collection features items across different categories, such as outdoor equipment, home gadgets, home decor, and fashion, according to a report by the Herald Sun.

Outdoor Equipment for Campers

One of the highlights in the outdoor equipment category is the AU$12 portable BBQ. Ideal for picnics, camping trips, or small apartment balconies, this cardboard BBQ resembles a Hibachi grill and is designed for cooking kebabs, grilled fish, or vegetables. 

Another notable product is the AU$49 Ultra Jet Butane Hiking Stove, a compact and portable stove that offers similar functionality to the popular AU$200 Jetboil Cooking Pot at a more affordable price.

In addition to these cooking tools, the collection also includes a AU$49 portable fire pit, a AU$19 collapsible stool, and AU$16 solar string lights – all of which are handy for campers and RVers looking to enhance their outdoor experience.

Gadgets for Entertainment on the Road

For those interested in bringing entertainment to their road trips, Kmart’s new collection offers a 305cm portable pop-up projector screen for just AU$99. 

This affordable screen is perfect for binge-watching favorite shows or hosting family movie nights while on the road. Customers have praised the screen for its ease of setup and impressive size.

Home Decor and Furniture for RVs

For individuals looking to spruce up their RV or camping setup, the AU$199 Marley Lounge Chair offers a touch of Scandinavian-inspired luxury. This stylish chair closely resembles the AU$500 Byron Wicker Chair at a more budget-friendly price point. 

Another versatile item is the AU$45 white textured side table, which has gained popularity on social media for its adaptability and potential for DIY customization.

Fashion and Beauty for Road Trippers

The new Kmart collection also features budget-friendly alternatives to popular fashion and beauty items. For instance, the OXX Fragamance Spring Blush Eau De Parfum, priced at AU$12 for 50mL, has been hailed as a close match to the designer fragrance Gucci Bloom, which retails for AU$139. 

Additionally, the collection includes affordable activewear options, such as AU$10 leggings and AU$14 Gymshark-inspired scrunch shorts.

With its diverse range of products catering to various consumer needs, Kmart’s new collection offers numerous options for campers, RV enthusiasts, and road trippers to enhance their outdoor experience without breaking the bank.

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Quinn Ocean
Quinn Ocean
February 17, 2024 2:16 pm

Imagine embarking on an adventure with the convenience of Kmart’s new collection for campers and RV enthusiasts. The lineup includes practical storage solutions like collapsible crates and stackable bins, perfect for limited space. Additionally, sturdy, insulated drinkware and reusable cutlery cater to eco-conscious travelers on the go.

April 11, 2024 12:12 pm

Have you checked out Kmart’s new collection for campers and RV enthusiasts? It’s not just about outdoor gear and decor. they’ve got cool storage solutions to keep things tidy on the go. I love how they’re also offering eco-friendly options for those who care about the environment while exploring the outdoors. Isn’t that awesome?


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