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News for March 28, 2023

Kentish Council to Pause Overnight Camping at Kentish Park


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The Kentish Council (Australia) is set to look into a pause in overnight camping in Kentish Park, caused by a tragic incident that left a child in a hospital on New Year’s Day and shook the local community.

As per a report, on January 1, the Tasmania police alleged a man drove his vehicle through a tent with three children and two adults at the West Kentish Road Campgrounds.

One of the injured children was taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital Intensive Care Unit for their injuries.

Kentish Mayor Tim Wilson said the campsite had a history of socially unacceptable behavior and the council was not willing to keep the status quo to continue.

“We have had trouble over the years, and it came to a head-on New Year’s Eve,” Councilor Wilson said. “Someone was badly hurt, and it could have ended in their death.”

“We’re aware we need to be better.”

In a report to Kentish Council, longstanding issues concerning poor reception on mobiles, the remote location, and the inability to have consistent security or police presence, due in part to the lack of resources, were identified as concerns.

However, the challenges of finding resources to ensure improvement of safety and security, possibly through the introduction of camping fees, have also been discussed with the possibility of a violation of the law on competitive neutrality.

Competitive neutrality refers to the necessity for state-owned and private companies to compete on an equal playing field.

The report suggests that the campsite will close for overnight use immediately after Easter, with it not likely to reopen in the near future, as the council explores possibilities for improvements.

Some of the suggestions offered include returning the site to Crown land, examining the possibility of bringing a private company to manage the campsite, and enhancing the facilities.

Kentish Council will discuss their options at the council’s meeting tomorrow, March 15.

A greater security presence is expected to be present at the campgrounds during the Easter holiday.

This story originally appeared on The Advocate.

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