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Greenpatch Campground Reopens in North Queensland Despite Flood Concerns

After months of being closed due to the increased risk of flash flooding, the Greenpatch Camping Ground in Gordonvale, just south of Cairns, Australia, has reopened for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

According to the Grey Nomads, the site, nestled along the banks of the Mulgrave River, has experienced multiple flooding incidents in the past, prompting a substantial revamp to address safety concerns.

Several years ago, Cairns Regional Council took over management of the campground, transforming it from an “illegal camping ground” into a well-established facility. 

The renovation project introduced 42 formal campsites and a new amenities block, enhancing the overall camping experience for visitors.

A key safety feature of the revamped campground is a floodwater siren installed atop the amenities block. The warning system aims to provide sufficient time for campers to evacuate before floodwaters potentially inundate the lower areas of the site.

Greenpatch offers not only 42 campsites but also a dump point and day-use facilities such as picnic spots. With a maximum stay of 72 hours, the campground ensures a steady rotation of visitors, catering to a broader range of outdoor enthusiasts.

However, the decision to invest AU$2.4 million in upgrading the flood-prone campground has been met with skepticism and even anger. Some argue that the months-long closure during the wet season calls into question the wisdom of such a sizable investment.

Despite the controversy, the campground has experienced several successful evacuations since its renovation and reopening. Records from the Bureau of Meteorology reveal that the area flooded 14 times in the 17 years leading up to 2017.

The reopening of Greenpatch camping ground is a welcome development for campers and the outdoor hospitality industry in north Queensland. The upgraded facility offers modern amenities and is committed to prioritizing safety in the face of unpredictable weather conditions.

As Greenpatch camping ground welcomes visitors once more, both campers and the outdoor hospitality industry can benefit from the site’s improvements. 

With a focus on safety and preparedness, the campground aims to provide an enjoyable experience for all who venture into the beautiful region of north Queensland.

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Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson
February 16, 2024 7:59 am

Hey, did you know that the Greenpatch Camping Ground also offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, birdwatching, and fishing along the nearby Mulgrave River? Additionally, they have introduced earth-friendly initiatives such as recycling programs and solar-powered amenities to promote sustainability in the area. I think it’s awesome to see the campground reopening with improved facilities and safety measures. It’s terrific news for campers and the outdoor hospitality industry in north Queensland!

March 22, 2024 5:08 am

Have you heard? Greenpatch Campground in Gordonvale, North Queensland, has reopened after flood concerns. It’s great news! They’ve made safety upgrades and offer 42 campsites now. Plus, evacuating visitors during floods shows they care. It’s a win for campers and the outdoor scene in the region!


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