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GME’s MT610G PLB and XRS-660 UHF CB Radio Enhance Outdoor Safety

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service estimates that approximately 130 bushwalkers require rescue annually, highlighting the necessity of reliable safety equipment for outdoor adventures. 

Greenwich Marine Electronics‘ (GME) MT610G Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and XRS-660 Handheld UHF CB Radio are designed to provide peace of mind and enhance safety in such situations.

GME, the only domestic manufacturer of emergency beacons in Australia, has introduced the MT610G PLB, a lightweight, waterproof device equipped with a 72-channel GPS receiver. This beacon is crucial for emergencies, offering precise location tracking to facilitate quick rescues. 

Despite its benefits, there are common misconceptions about PLBs, including concerns about the cost of activation. However, activating a PLB in a genuine emergency is free, and PLBs can be rented at no cost from 13 locations across NSW, provided a trip intention form is completed, as reported by 7News.

Recently, the practical benefits of the MT610G PLB and XRS-660 were demonstrated during a survival course with High and Wild in the Blue Mountains. Participants learned essential survival skills such as sourcing water, making fire, and navigating with a compass. 

The XRS-660 Handheld UHF CB Radio proved invaluable for maintaining communication and avoiding potential hazards during the adventure.

The MT610G PLB is designed for single-hand operation, making it user-friendly even in emergencies. It is also waterproof and capable of floating, ensuring it remains functional in adverse conditions. The integrated GPS receiver enhances its utility, providing precise location data to rescuers.

In addition to its life-saving capabilities, the XRS-660 Handheld UHF CB Radio serves as a precautionary tool, helping users stay connected and informed. This radio’s robust communication capabilities help prevent emergencies by enabling clear and reliable contact among group members.

Examples of real-life scenarios where the MT610G PLB could be critical include severe injuries or getting lost in remote areas. The XRS-660’s communication features are equally vital, providing guidance and warnings that help avoid dangerous situations.

For those interested in enhancing their outdoor safety, the MT610G PLB is available at an approximate retail price of $379. The XRS-660 Handheld UHF CB Radio complements the PLB, offering reliable communication in various conditions. These devices can be found at multiple suppliers, and more information is available on GME’s website.

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Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Cox
May 22, 2024 6:26 pm

I really appreciate the insight shared about the GME MT610G PLB and XRS-660 UHF CB Radio. It’s awesome how they offer extended battery life and user-friendly design. These tools are a game-changer for outdoor safety and communication, catering to adventurers of all levels. Great info!

Xena Night
Xena Night
May 22, 2024 6:52 pm

Hey there outdoor lovers! Did you hear about the MT610G PLB and XRS-660 UHF CB Radio from GME? These tools are absolute game-changers for adventurers like us, providing top-notch safety and communication in the wild. Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with these essential devices!

Laura Martin
Laura Martin
May 22, 2024 8:51 pm

Investing in top-tier safety gear like the GME MT610G PLB and XRS-660 UHF CB Radio is a must for us outdoor lovers. These gadgets are lifesavers in emergencies. What do you think?

May 23, 2024 2:41 am

Just wanted to share my take on the GME’s MT610G PLB and XRS-660 UHF CB Radio. They’re not just for daredevils but perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts prioritizing safety. Easy to use and ideal for any experience level!

Casey Sprint
Casey Sprint
May 23, 2024 10:01 am

Imagine having trusty companions like GME’s MT610G PLB and XRS-660 UHF CB Radio on your outdoor escapades – safety never looked so cool! Stay fearless with these gadgets by your side!


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