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Campers Warned of Increased Bushfire Risk in Victoria

According to a recent State of the Climate report by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, changes to weather and climate extremes are happening at an increased pace across Australia, with southern and eastern regions facing an increase in dangerous fire weather days and a longer fire season. 

This raises concerns for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, as the risk of bushfires can have a significant impact on their activities and safety, according to a media release.

Despite wetter conditions this year, Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) has continued to take action to manage bushfire risk and protect people, property, and the environment. 

They have invested in prevention measures, such as conducting planned burns and expanding their network of strategic fuel breaks. These actions are aimed at reducing the risk and impact of major bushfires and protecting the environment, including forests and wildlife.

FFMVic emphasizes that they burn to the conditions, not the calendar and that planned burns may take place this summer if conditions are right and it’s safe to do so. 

They also mention that planned burning is not the only way they manage bushfire risk and that they have also increased their use of mowing, slashing, and mulching this year.

Victoria is Australia’s most bushfire-prone state, and campers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new Australian Fire Danger Rating System and to take steps to prepare for potential fires. 

They can also check for planned burns in their area by signing up at plannedburns.ffm.vic.gov.au and ensuring they have the VicEmergency app on their phone.

While FFMVic does a vital job managing bushfire risk, campers and outdoor enthusiasts are reminded to take responsibility for their own safety and to follow guidelines and recommendations from authorities. 

They should not leave campfires unattended and ensure ashes are cool to the touch before leaving.


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