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Bribie Island’s Northern Access Track Reopens: A Resurgence of Outdoor Recreation

After months of closure due to severe flood damage in 2022, Bribie Island’s Northern Access Track has reopened, marking a significant milestone for the local community and the tourism industry. 

The track, located within the Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area, underwent extensive repair work costing AU$750,000, funded by the Community and Recreational Asset Recovery and Resilience Program, as reported by the Ministerial Media Statements.

Federal Emergency Management Minister Murray Watt expressed optimism that the repairs would prevent future damage to the tracks. 

“The significant works that have been undertaken will hopefully mean the tracks are more resistant to damage from future natural disasters,” Watt said. This sentiment underscores the importance of the track to the local community and visitors alike.

Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area is one of South East Queensland’s most popular beach camping areas and a hotspot for 4WD enthusiasts. The reopening of the access track and other damaged inland tracks has been a priority for the Department of Environment and Science. 

The restoration of this important access point to Bribie Island Recreation Area is a significant achievement, according to a Moreton Daily report.

State Member for Pumicestone Ali King highlighted that upgrades have been made to the Northern Access Track as part of the project. 

“During these works we upgraded the Northern Access Track to better withstand future severe weather events,” King said. This proactive approach ensures the track’s longevity and its continued contribution to the local tourism economy.

The Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area is a diverse landscape, featuring sand dunes, heaths, paperback wetlands, open forests, woodlands, freshwater creeks, and lagoons. Managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, the area is conserved for nature-based recreation, aligning with the enjoyment of outdoor recreation and camping.

The reopening of the Northern Access Track is not just a restoration of a route, but a revival of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and a boost for the local tourism economy. The track’s availability will undoubtedly attract more visitors to the area, contributing to the local economy and promoting the enjoyment of the area’s natural beauty.

The community’s patience during the repair works has been commendable, as expressed by King. The collective effort to restore the track underscores the community’s resilience and commitment to preserving their natural assets.

The reopening of Bribie Island’s Northern Access Track is a significant development for outdoor recreation, camping, and the local tourism economy. It symbolizes resilience in the face of natural disasters and the community’s commitment to preserving and enhancing their natural assets for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.

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Heather Hughes
Heather Hughes
May 9, 2024 4:16 pm

Great news for outdoor lovers like us! The reopening of the track means more adventures exploring Bribie Island’s beauty. New guided tours offer a fun way to discover its unique flora and fauna!


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