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Bolstering Regional Australia: The Return of the “Road to a Million” Campaign

The “Road to a Million” campaign, a remarkable initiative by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA), has made a triumphant return, offering an incredible opportunity for one fortunate camper to win a staggering AU$1,000,000. 

This innovative campaign, which runs from October 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024, is not merely a competition but a movement aimed at supporting regional Australia by bolstering domestic tourism.

Australia’s burgeoning love affair with camping has witnessed a record 20% growth in interest for caravan and camping holidays in 2023, culminating in 60.9 million nights taken and 15.1 million trips recorded. 

Amidst the escalating day-to-day living costs affecting many Australians, the campaign emerges as a beacon, reminding citizens of the incredible, cost-effective holidays that caravan and camping can offer.

The campaign is meticulously structured, employing a zoning system that rewards campers who explore regional areas, thereby directly benefiting local businesses and attractions, as reported by CQ Today.

Participants accumulate more points the further they venture from their designated capital cities, encouraging them to explore and immerse themselves in regional Australia.

Moreover, the campaign is not solely focused on the financial incentive. It also aims to inform Australians about the multifaceted benefits of caravan and camping, providing a wealth of educational content that includes insights into the best camping equipment, suggested itineraries, recipes, and a plethora of fun and games suitable for the entire family.

The impact of the campaign extends beyond the individual, weaving into the economic and social fabric of regional tourism and local economies. As travelers explore various regions during their trips, local businesses, from dining establishments to local attractions, reap the rewards, experiencing a welcome boost from the influx of tourists.

Keelan Howard, general manager of marketing at the CIAA, emphasized the value of caravan and camping as Australia’s best value holiday. He highlighted the multifaceted benefits, stating, “Not only do you get the best value for money, but you also reconnect to nature, to your relationships, and vanquish the everyday stresses of life.”

Participant experiences in the campaign are not merely defined by the potential financial gain but also by the enriching experiences, adventures, and memories crafted during their journeys.

The campaign serves as a catalyst for participants to delve into the scenic beauty of Australia, reconnecting with nature and revitalizing their well-being amidst the serene landscapes.

Moreover, the campaign fosters a sense of community among participants, as they share experiences, stories, and adventures, further enriching their journey. 

The hashtag #RoadToAMillion and the tag @letsgocaravanandcamping on Instagram and Facebook serve as digital congregations where participants can share their stories, fostering a virtual community of adventurers.

Economically, the campaign serves as a vital stimulant for regional Australia, especially in the wake of the challenges posed by global events. The influx of domestic tourists not only provides financial relief to local businesses but also shines a spotlight on regional attractions, potentially establishing them as favored destinations for future travelers.

Socially, the campaign knits a tapestry of shared experiences and stories that transcend the individual journey, fostering a collective narrative that celebrates exploration, adventure, and the serene beauty encapsulated within Australia’s diverse landscapes.

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Ryan Powell
Ryan Powell
February 14, 2024 12:58 am

Did you know that the Road to a Million campaign also encourages campers to engage in eco-friendly practices while exploring regional Australia? Additionally, the campaign offers exclusive discounts and special offers to participants, making the caravan and camping experience even more fulfilling! I think it’s a great way to enjoy nature while also supporting regional businesses. Can’t wait to hit the road and be part of this cool community!

William Allen
William Allen
February 22, 2024 9:11 pm

Indeed! The Road to a Million campaign enhances exploration of regional Australia with educational resources and enjoyable activities for families. It’s a remarkable opportunity to discover the diverse beauty and experiences these locations have to offer.


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