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Blue Mountains National Park Implements Track Closures Amid Heavy Rainfall Forecast

Blue Mountains National Park officials have announced a preemptive closure of several walking tracks and recreational areas effective from 2pm on Friday, May 10, due to a forecast of heavy rainfall expected to last until 10am on Monday, May 13. 

These measures are intended to prevent accidents and ensure visitor safety in light of the predicted adverse weather conditions that could lead to rockfalls, landslides, treefalls, and flooding.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has specified that the closures will impact all valley tracks and cliff passes in the regions of Katoomba, Leura, Wentworth Falls, and Blackheath, including popular spots like the Federal Pass and the Giant Stairway. 

Additionally, recreational areas such as abseiling and rock climbing sites that require access through these tracks will also be closed, as shown in a report by Blue Mountains Australia.

Due to the heavy rains anticipated, the risk of natural hazards such as rockfalls and landslides increases significantly, posing serious threats to the safety of park visitors. These closures are part of a standard safety protocol followed by NPWS to mitigate such risks and provide a secure environment for both the public and the park’s natural habitats.

In Katoomba and Leura, essential walking paths like the Katoomba Falls Round Walk will be inaccessible, affecting many tourists and local hikers who frequent these scenic routes. Similarly, in Wentworth Falls, the closure of the Valley of the Waters track below the Nature Track intersection, including the Empress Canyon area, will divert many planned excursions.

Adventure recreation enthusiasts are advised to seriously reconsider their plans, as the park’s safety officers emphasize the importance of caution during such extreme weather conditions. The NPWS has urged all visitors planning outdoor activities to stay updated through the park’s official communication channels.

For those seeking additional information or needing assistance regarding the closure, the NPWS Heritage Centre in Blackheath remains operational with staff available from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm daily. The center can provide up-to-date information on track status and safety conditions throughout the park.

Past incidents of similar nature have shown that timely closures and public advisories can significantly reduce accidents and enhance the overall safety of park visitors. According to NPWS records, proactive measures such as these have helped maintain a safe environment during previous weather-related challenges.

While the temporary closure of these tracks may disrupt some plans, the safety of visitors and the preservation of the natural landscape are top priorities for the NPWS. Visitors are encouraged to check the NPWS website or contact the Heritage Centre for the latest information and to plan their visits accordingly once conditions improve.

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May 10, 2024 6:07 pm

It’s super important to follow the park’s closures in heavy rain for everyone’s safety. It’s a bummer for thrill-seekers, but safety first to protect visitors and the park!

Karen Hill
Karen Hill
May 10, 2024 6:33 pm

Just a heads-up that some trails in Blue Mountains National Park are closed due to the heavy rain forecast. Stay safe, maybe find some cool indoor spots to explore instead!

May 10, 2024 9:40 pm

How about this? Wow, Blue Mountains National Park is taking some serious precautions with those track closures! They’re even warning us to steer clear of creeks and waterways due to the flood risk. Let’s all play it safe and follow their advice to stay out of harm’s way.

Leo Starlight
Leo Starlight
May 11, 2024 9:13 am

Just wanted to share that it’s super important to stay safe in Blue Mountains National Park during these track closures and heavy rainfall. Let’s respect the closures for our safety. You can still have a blast checking out lookout points or other low-risk activities in the park. Stay safe, everyone!


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