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Aussie RV Maker Streamlines Production with 3D Printers

Apollo Motorhome Holidays, an Australian manufacturer of recreational vehicles (RVs), has announced its adoption of Markforged’s X7 3D printers in an effort to streamline production.

Initially, the company purchased the X7 carbon fiber platform to address delays caused by material shortages, but soon expanded its usage to other applications.

Apollo has utilized the X7 to support rapid prototyping operations, printing miniaturized RV chassis and cabinetry to enhance its design phase. 

This development has prompted plans for further integration of Markforged printers into the company’s workflow, including the use of scale models for employee training and eventually printing spare parts for its RV rental division.

In a press release, Edney Ferreira, Apollo’s engineering manager, stated, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Markforged. Their 3D printing technology is cutting-edge and will allow us to create high-quality, custom parts that are essential to the motorhomes, campervans, and caravans we produce.”

“The addition of Markforged 3D printers to our manufacturing process will streamline our production and provide us with the ability to create custom designs quickly and efficiently,” Ferreira added.

Markforged will participate in the Australian Manufacturing Week (May 9-12 in Canberra) as a sponsor of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Zone. 

Richard Elving, Markforged’s senior director for the Asia Pacific region, will give a talk entitled, “How Australian businesses use 3D printing to reshore manufacturing.

The incorporation of 3D printing technology in RV manufacturing is a significant development in the industry. 

Streamlining production processes and reducing material waste can lead to cost savings and increased efficiency for manufacturers.

 As 3D printing technology continues to advance, it is expected that more RV manufacturers will adopt similar strategies.

In addition to Apollo Motorhomes, other RV manufacturers may find value in adopting 3D printing technology for their production lines. 

The ability to create custom parts quickly and efficiently can lead to increased innovation, as well as the potential for more environmentally friendly production methods. 

As the RV industry continues to evolve, the integration of 3D printing technology may become more commonplace, shaping the future of RV manufacturing.

Featured image from Apollo Motorhomes


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