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UAE’s New Glamping Destination Offers Bedouin Experience

Around 160 km west of Abu Dhabi City, a new eco-tourism and glamping area offer guests the opportunity to get back in touch with nature and experience an authentic taste of the Bedouin lifestyle while enjoying the modern amenities in a natural setting.

Photo courtesy of Babalnojoum_hudayriyat

According to a report, over 154 hectares in the coastal town Al Mirfa (United Arab Emirates), Bab Al Nojoom – Al Mugheirah Resort is a glamping facility home to a forest area with 29,000 trees.

It’s a paradise for those who love nature, adventure, and wanderlust. While you cycle along the trails for cycling or hiking, you may spot gazelles in herds roaming in the natural environment near the guest accommodation.

Photo courtesy of Babalnojoum_hudayriyat

You will be welcomed by the resort’s mantra, “Love Life Outside,” as Camp Manager Siddharth Mehra gives an elaborate overview of the center’s education.

He assures that guests will never be bored as various activities will inspire, inform and entertain such as nature drive, falconry, archery, kite flying, hiking, farming, and other things.

The resort’s signature activities feature e-biking, pitching a tent, as well as horse and pony rides, exploring mangroves, snorkeling in the water, seeing dolphins and dugongs, and more. Children will receive a “passport” to record their adventures.

The location was developed through Modon Properties in collaboration with the Department of Municipalities and Transport.

Photo courtesy of Babalnojoum_hudayriyat

Ahmed Al Shaikh Al Zaabi, Director, Delivery, Modon Properties, stated that the location offers guests the opportunity to stay overnight as they enjoy all the activities and the region’s natural beauty.

“All the activities offer an interaction between humans and nature. And a close proximity to Abu Dhabi City ensures that people don’t have to travel far to enjoy this kind of tourism destination.”

Guests have a choice of 20 units of airstream caravans or Scandinavian-inspired cabins.

The campsites are constructed out of shipping containers and include beds, a TV, a plunge pool, and WiFi. There is also 24-hour room service, shaded decks, and facilities such as a barbecue grill, fire pit, and swing.

You can also make an order through any of the four food outlets, where top chefs will cook the best food to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Al Zaabi highlighted the importance of sustainability at the base of all activities at the resort.

“We have tried our best to ensure that all the materials used in the resort are sustainable and don’t affect nature.”

Sitting outside these structures and surrounded by Ghaf, Arak, Damas, and Samar trees and bushes within the vast natural reserve gives an impression of what the Bedouin lifestyle could be.

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February 22, 2024 8:05 pm

I’m pleased to share that the Bab Al Nojoom-Al Mugheirah Resort offers a chance to reconnect with nature and experience the Bedouin lifestyle. It’s a dignified and immersive experience for visitors.

April 9, 2024 1:13 am

Have you heard about the awesome Bab Al Nojoom-Al Mugheirah Resort in the UAE? It’s a gem for experiencing the traditional Bedouin vibes in a vast natural setting. Picture yourself dining under the desert stars, enjoying authentic Emirati cuisine – pure magic! It’s a glamping dream come true!

May 17, 2024 6:21 am

Have you heard about the awesome glamping spot at Bab Al Nojoom-Al Mugheirah Resort? It’s not just about activities and fancy perks! You can also get a taste of traditional Bedouin life with desert camping and mouthwatering Emirati dishes. Such a cool way to immerse yourself in the culture!


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