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APOLA Launches to Elevate Outdoor Lodging Standards in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific Outdoor Lodging Association (APOLA) was officially inaugurated at the Thailand Tourism Forum in Bangkok, marking a significant step towards structured development in the outdoor lodging sector of the Asia Pacific. 

Founded by industry veterans Robert Hecker, Bill Barnett, and Paul Dean, APOLA aims to serve as an advocacy vehicle, addressing the needs of operators, owners, government authorities, suppliers, investors, and tour operators within the outdoor lodging industry.

With the outdoor lodging sector experiencing rapid growth and demonstrating strong market fundamentals, APOLA’s members have recognized the urgent need for the organization to define regional standards. These standards are intended to ensure quality, sustainability, and the overall enhancement of the outdoor lodging experience.

APOLA is committed to educating the industry about sustainable outdoor lodging practices. Through a series of educational programs and resources, the association seeks to promote a low-impact, sustainable hospitality model, according to a report by Hospitality Net.

This initiative is crucial for fostering an understanding of responsible tourism practices among industry stakeholders.

The association also plays a pivotal role in advocacy and policy guidance. By engaging with government authorities and the broader industry, APOLA aims to raise awareness and guide policy development that supports the growth and sustainability of outdoor lodging.

According to the association’s website, membership in APOLA offers access to a wealth of resources, including tools, best practices, case studies, newsletters, and market insights. These resources are designed to support members in achieving and maintaining the high standards set by the association.

Collaboration is at the heart of APOLA’s mission. The association has forged partnerships with various organizations and government bodies to ensure the widespread adoption and implementation of its standards across the Asia Pacific region.

The leadership of APOLA, with Louis Thompson from Nomadic Resorts serving as the inaugural president, underscores the association’s commitment to excellence and sustainability in outdoor lodging. The collective expertise of its founding members provides a solid foundation for APOLA’s initiatives.

Success stories and case studies of operators who have adopted APOLA’s standards highlight the tangible benefits of adherence to these guidelines. These examples serve as a testament to the positive impact of the association’s work on the outdoor lodging sector.

Looking to the future, APOLA has ambitious plans for expansion and further refinement of its standards. The association aims to adapt to evolving sustainability and hospitality trends, ensuring the long-term success and resilience of the outdoor lodging sector in the Asia Pacific.

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Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner
May 7, 2024 12:24 pm

Have you checked out the cool workshops and events by APOLA? They really help us up our game in sustainable outdoor lodging. Let’s connect and learn together! 😉


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